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May 17th 2012
Published: May 22nd 2012
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New york was probably a combination of some of the cities in the USA that we have already been to. It is very expensive compared to other american cities. Public transport cost us a packet. Accomodation was so expensive that we had to stay an hour away, in New Jersey. And I must say although it was clean and cheap, probably the dodgiest area ever. We couldn't even go out for dinner where we were staying so we got delivery most nights. lol.

But we made the most of our time. We did the broadway thing by seeing Kristy's favourite muscial Chicago. It was really good. We also made our way on a harbour cruise to the statue of liberty whilst passing the skylines of Manhattan and Brooklyn. We visted Wall street, the Brooklyn bridge, climbed the Empire State Building, checked out Grand Central, Central Park, Times Square, ate New York Pizza (AMAZING!!!) and Hot Dogs and rode the subway nearly everyday (mind you a very complex system with heaps lots of different lines to take. By far the most emotional time we felt on this trip so far was going down to ground zero. The way in which they have set up the 911 memorial is really good. The area where the twin towers once were are now the worlds deepest man made waterfalls. Its a sombre area and so it should be. It was easy enough to imagine what it would have looked like as the planes hit. Both Kristy and I were very glad we took the time and effort to pay our respects to those lost.

The Times Square area is an awesome sight at night. Neon lights that would nearly rival Las Vegas. Its a really good area for souveniers as there are countless chinese and indian run shops selling some cool stuff.Central Park was a trally beautiful area. A bloke tried getting us to tour the park for an hour on a bike for around $60. Me being a tight arse made Kristy and I walk instead. I thought it might have been a small park but how wrong i was. 843 acres!!!! Not happy. But it was a nice walk and we seen heaps.

The thing that I have been really impressed regarding the US is the way in which the people are so patriotic. Americans are immensley proud of their country. They have flags outside of their homes, their busineses, down their streets. Its a really good feeling. Even in L.A when we went to the baseball, wow the way in which they sang their national anthem was spine tingling.

Another great thing is the service. Service in retail- department stores, super markets and restaurants. Compared to back in Australia..... Hmmm......

New York was an exciting place to visit. We could have even stayed a little longer but Canada is calling.....


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