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July 5th 2016
Published: July 7th 2016
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Welcome to New York City. Monday, 27 June 2016

DAY 1 Francine arrived in NYC shortly before Angie and her sister Cindy. So she walked to the next terminal with her big and small wheely bags to meet them. On her way a nice shiney black car with a well dressed 50ish man pulled over to Francine. She thought he said " I'd like to ask for you" ??? Francine not hearing him properly, politely said "pardon". He repeated himself and said " i would love arse f***you. You'd love it". Francine shook her head in disbelief and walked double pace to the terminal. Wow what a first conversation with an American in USA. Once over the shock and meeting up with Angie and Cindy, the story was relayed to them. They were shocked and then there was immense laughter.

Off to the subway. Another new experience. 3pm in the afternoon and the trains were crowded. Angie Cindy and Francine's bags were on the train. Then the doors slammed shut with a mighty force. Ouch Francine only had her arms through the door and luckily after the door hit her it rolled back open and with a mighty heave from the girls Francine was in the carriage. Another rather disturbingly event was a man who kept whistling Pop goes the weasle. Everyone kept looking around for someone, something and held tight to their bags. It was all ok. We arrived at Grand Central Station and our hotel was only a few minutes walk up the road. Phew. 5pm

A quick freshen up and we were out the door to explore. We walked to Times Square to take in the sights, and Fran didn't realize that when people dressed in costume motion to you come have a photo, you have to bring your wallet too. Angie bailed her out from under Ironman, Woody, Olaf, Minnie Mouse and a minion, to save the day. Tipping now remembered. We realized that Bryant Park was having Movie night in the park and the concessions from local restaurants were everywhere. Angie and Francine had Beijing street food and Cindy had a burger rated #1. All yummy!

DAY 2 was somewhat preplanned with a 9am ferry trip out to Liberty Island and a trek up to the Statue of Liberty crown. Fabulous time, But left us hungry. So a cab ride a way was Jing Fong, a dim sum restaurant in Chinatown. Which Angie had to google for the cabby from Bangladesh. He was a lot a fun.

A stroll through several neighborhoods, Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo, Greenwich village, left us standing in front of a Mexician restaurant at happy hour,go figure we're just lucky I reckon. Taco tasing plate and a margarita to quench our thirst. Another cab ride as we are running late for our Broadway show, BEAUTIFUL. It was incredible.

DAY 3 Suffering from sore feet, the HOP ON HOP OFF BUS looked really good. We toured uptown, had a big slice of NY pizza, then downtown and dozed a little while we saw the sites. 9.11 site and up to floor One World Observatory and the reflecting pool is a must, definately state of the art technology. Back to,the bus. Then rush hour hit and it was a nightmare. Trapped on a moving vehicle that wasn't moving. By the time we arrived back at our hotel it was too late to get all the way back upyown to Yankie stadium for Francine to watch baseball. We made the alternative to go for pastrami and rye from the Katz deli, made famous in HARRY MET SALLY. We did not repeat the scene though. The next stop was a night view from the Empire State building. One of our favorites. We finished the night at Muldoon Irish pub, with rounds of drinks and meeting new people

DAY 4 was to be our day of leisure, a visit to Rockefeller Center, 30 Rock, treats from Govida Chocolates, prayers at St. Patricks And the finale was bike riding around Central Park. Back to the hotel to ready for baseball. Bugger we find out it was a 1pm game. It is now 5pm. Francine will be going to Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles!! She is on that mission.

Everyone in NYC has been so nice. Each time we have our lost look and map out someone always offered assistance. The city is so noisy, people, cars trucks, buses, honking horns, building sites. Angie and Cindy are wearing their Fitbits. We are averaging 7 miles or about 11km walking each day.

IT complications have slowed us down with uploading photos. Ugh. So this what we have but much photos unavailable. We have sorted out for the next chapter.

So we picked up where we left off last trip. Talking and laughing. Greatest of friends and friendship in such good therapy for the soul.

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15th August 2016

How wonderful to have you in the states, Francine! Enjoy the tour - you couldn't ask for a better tour guide in Ms. Angie :) (Yes, I'm starting your trip as you end it.... please, NO SPOILERS!)

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