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October 28th 2011
Published: October 28th 2011
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I had to go to New York for orientation for "4" days (those days include the days I flew in and out). We stayed at a hotel in Stamford, CT and were roomed with 2 other girls who were going around the same area as you were. I was roomed with a Anna from Brazil and Julia from France, both who were also coming to Texas. There were 94 girls this week at orientation, and they came from literally every where in the world. There were girls from China, Panama, Iceland, South Africa... then there was me. I was the only one who could speak perfect English (obviously) so I found it very hard to understand what other girls were trying say to me, and most of them talked in their own languages the entire time. By the end of the few days, most girls were coming to me and asking how you say certain words in English.

On our last night in New York, we got to go on a tour of downtown if we wanted. Some places we just drove by and other places we actually got to get off the bus and look around for a little

Ziggy Marley's tour bus
while. We got to see places like the Rockefeller Centre, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, etc. It was so cool to actually be able to see all of these things in real life, I just wish that we could of had more time at each place. We also got to see the Wall Street Protesters. We got to see where they are all camped out and everyone was surprisingly calm. Then about 10 minutes later we were on our bus just starting to leave that area there was about 15 police cars come flying by us, and we didnt think too much of it. All of the sudden out of NO WHERE, hundreds of protesters were coming down there street right at us, banging on our bus, yelling, and whatever else protesters do. It was very interesting to see, even though Mom wasn't too thrilled that I got stuck in that haha.

Thursday was crammed with last minute meetings and then we were all off on our seperate ways. I flew to Houston late thursday night and I was already dying of heat within 5 minutes of being on the ground.

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Julia was chasing a squirrel because she has never seen one before

This is where Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos etc is taped

Opera house and also where Juliard School is

28th October 2011

Love the pics, and that we get to read updates! That's one lucky family that gets you for a whole year! xoxo.. Hae

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