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August 18th 2008
Published: August 18th 2008
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Central ParkCentral ParkCentral Park

Central park pic. Spend a lot of time relaxing in the park each summer.
Ok here goes. It's bloggin' time.

To start off I'll just shpiel a bit about myself. I'm getting close to 30 and I need to get out and see the world. I have been planning a world trek for an insanely long period of time. It seems there is always a relationship, some kind of responsibility, or a severe lack of funds holding me back. I have done a lot of the states over the past few years, but I want to branch out from North America and see as much of the big globe we live on as possible. So now I am trying to live an existance of frugality as I attempt to save enough funds to survive for a couple years of travelling.

The gameplan is that I will be doing SE Asia for 6 months then head to Australia to see friends and do the working holiday thing for 6 months or so. After Oz I plan on doing some of Africa for a few months then end things in England where I plan on working for 7 months or so. Nothing about my trek is concrete as I want to be able to play
Museum With the BritsMuseum With the BritsMuseum With the Brits

I can't remember the name of this museum. It's the big one beside central park with the dinosaur in the entrance.
things as they come along. Makes the adventure all the more adventurous.

I thought I'd start my travel blog 7 months before I head out because I am feeling antsy and wanted to post something. Being that I have been living a corporate existance for the summer, I decided I would post some pics from New York City trips I've taken the past few summers. I worked at a camp in the states for a few summers and it's located 3 hours from NYC. We usually end up chilling in the big city for a couple weeks after camp and I am currently in a bit of NYC withdrawl to be honest. The flashing lights, new york accents, packed streets and broadway shows are all something I've grown accustomed to experiencing every summer.

Ok. That's all for the first blog. I just wanted to start it off and get a feel for how the blogging thing works.

Additional photos below
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The Obligatory Hooters ExperienceThe Obligatory Hooters Experience
The Obligatory Hooters Experience

Let's just say that this isn't exactly my first choice for eats.
My Most Favorite Bar in the World.My Most Favorite Bar in the World.
My Most Favorite Bar in the World.

This bar is absolutely amazing. It's called "The Duplex" and it's located in Greenwich Village. They have a piano guy and anyone in the audience can get up to sing pretty much anything (although people mostly sing musical theater). Great place and the people who work there are amazing singers.
Chillin' at the Aussie BarChillin' at the Aussie Bar
Chillin' at the Aussie Bar

One of the fav bars in NYC for the aussies at camp. They have good drinks and Aussie "Footy"
Bar hopping.Bar hopping.
Bar hopping.

Hitting up the NYC clubs.

3rd December 2008

good luck
i know there are still a few months to go but good luck with your trip. looking forward to reading of your adventures in the future
10th February 2009 pix
its the american museum of natural history. good luck with your trip!
11th August 2009

U don't 30 at all!
17th September 2009

So, what's happening Jay? Have you started your trip yet? I think I remember you saying it would start in September.
29th October 2009

I leave in one month Mell - November 25th. Things got delayed a bit here, but I am now ready to go!!

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