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January 7th 2008
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Hi All -

Last two days I have done the most exciting and adventurous things of this tour. It began on Friday evening. We left office as usual and were waiting 4 our shuttle to pick us up. My colleague kamlesh told me that he has asked a fellow Indian in our office whether we wud like to go to newyork that weekend in his car, since he was going to Jersey City which is on the outskirts of ny city. (NYC).We decided to make use of this opportunity and go 4 it. We called him to tell him that we want to go. He came to my apts same evening to check out whether we can go the same evening. But it didn’t work out. We decided for morning so there we were all set for NYC.Sumit came in and we push off at 10.30 from Delaware to NYC.two and half hour of one of the most pleasant car drive I have ever had in my life. Trees on both sides of road. Roads as big as
Double the size of western express highway. Bridges one top of the other..Speeeding at 110 km/hr...No jerks. Just ride… just amazing..

We got down at jersey city and took a local bus to reach NYC.Now NYC has a unique gateway for access thru road. If we have to get in NYC, we have to pass thru a tunnel at the outskirts of the city. This arrangement is same for all directions. We pay toll and we go in dark tunnel..Suddenely we see light at the end of tunnel and there u r...The most breath taking view’s.U r standing in the middle of Manhattan skyline. The most looked upon skyline of the world. I realized it why
it was so very soon have turn ur neck 180 degree plus to see the top of the building and sometimes u can see the top only when u get a little away from that blgd e.g. empire state building 88 floors. It was dream come true 4 me. Something I have always watched with grace on television was right in front of me. God someone pinch me pls!!! Next we went to NYC Subway i.e. their underground train. Got the pass 4 whole day. They have a season ticket here also. Only difference is they offer it also for a day and two along with months. With that u can travel thru their buses and trains unlimited b4 expiry date and time. All these at automated vending machine. We swipe the card and get into station. Picked up uptown tube for 42nd street. Heart of Times Square.

Times square is considered to be the brightmost part of the world anytime of the day..we saw ad boards there as high as 25 flors of the bldg..all different colours..running non stop.. next we went to Macdonalds..had a fiiing lunch..i had a chicken bugger with pepsi..cost usd 4.85.and then the shopiign was on till the end of journey.Did shopping for around usd 50-60.nothing big..all small stuff..but quiet good. It includes 1 pair of sports shoes, a cap, couple of t shirts among others.. we had our boss with us and she wanted to go her in laws place in we left her with her in laws at Jammaica station which is in downtown NY and then picked up a uptown tube again for manhattan.It was 6.30 by now. On our way back we went to Jackson heights in Roosvelt area 2 look out for a small hotel. This area carries taste of India in NYC.Here u will find all Indians. This is only place where i saw people talking in Hindi and selling tamatar and aloo..we cud not find a hotel but it was refreshing to get a feel of home here.Again we picked up a tube and went strait to times square on 42nd street.

It was dark now and Times Square was glittering like anything.It trully is awasome.We were fortunate to witness welcome of Olympic 2004 torch arrival in Newyork at this place.It was breathtakng. Nadia Komenneski,1st athelete to get perfect 10 in Olympic history in Gymnastic appeared from some 50 th floor of one of the bldg to centre stage on a invisible rope and showed the torch to thousands of people gathered there.We went around times square several times till the time we landed to Mcdonald for a light dinner.I had fries and coke.and again we started out our search for a place for nite..It was 1.30 .Whole nite we spend just travelling in NYC tube from one end to other..slept a little in tube only..mornng again went to fresh and started out phase 2 of our tour.went to Centra Park at 7.00 am..

it was perfect..early morning,nice and sunny day,cool better setting for a walk in central Park..its huge..i mean HUGE..around 30-40 square km .we covered whatever we can till 9.30 and then headed towards the Empire State building..Since childhood this bldg has been one of the spots I wanted to visit..i have always been fascinated by this tall structure..and there i was standing at its bottom..god how lucky am i to get a chance to see whatever i want to!!once i feasted my eyes on it,we resoretd back to shoping..met our boss back at the 34th street,tube,bus all was going on like noon we headed towards Wall Street,the Dalal Street of NYC.SAw the place where the twin towers were standing.its called GROUND ZERO and has a memorial in that place..thereon we went to a Indian restaurant..had a nice indian treat..and then on returned to place where we were to suppose to meet Sumit..

Now began the adventure part.Sumits cell was down and we had no other no to contact him than that..we left several voice msgs but he was unable 2 pick up calls.We were sitting on steps of one of the households in jersy city with least 10 bags waiting 4 sumit knowing nothing abt what 2 do next?being there for the 1st time,we also lost the place to meet him back.on top of this,1 colleague of ours was roaming alone and was suppose to join us at that place..but uska bhi koi contact nahi tha..second time fat gayi thi thoda time ke liye..1st time it was time square when a police officer asked for my identity as we were waiting for olympic torch to arrieve.he questioned me for 5 mins abt my arrival,departure,residence,DOB etc.etc.3rd time it was when we were waiting for shailaja (our boss) at 34th street.4 cops surrounded us as we were standing at one place for nearly 30 mins...finally it was Jp morgan ID card that saved me..none the less he has noted down my name and was 7.00 pm.our apts were 3 hrs ride from that place..finally after wasting 4-5 usd on phone calls we got in touch with one of sumit's f'end left a msg with him and told him where we were waiting.luckily got a indian shop there.It wqas a doller shop.i.e anything there is cost 1 some stuff there.fianly sumit came at 8.30 and we were releived..i slept almost thruout the ride and reached apts at 12.00 night.came to atpts and just crashed.

2 days of sheer fun..NYC..The city that never sleeps. my dreams coming true. I have not covered the entire city. Many many more places still left. but my 1st visit to this premier city was truly unforgettable..left memories that nothing can erase. will be back with more of such mails in future..pls have patience to read thru this long mails and get used to it. Have fun. Take care!!

Sachin July 19,2004


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