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Published: May 20th 2010
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Camping out at Mountainman Outfitters
Ahoy! Matey's (i've had two cups of coffee today...)

Ok so while i'm here and have internet connection i will say a bit more.

Had a great day off yesterday and this morning in Lake Saranac Village! It's a pretty cool little town and everything we need is in walking distance! I'd like to thank the Hotel Saranac for their hospitality and letting us store our canoe there! The Pequod had such a nice rest! We'd also like to thank St. Regis Outfitters for the yoke pads and all their help in getting us reset for our next part of our adventure! They were so helpful!! Also it was nice to meet Anne from Raquette River Outfitters wish we could have stopped by her store and supported!! (if you're ever in New York and need some outdoor/canoeing equipment we recomend all of the outfitters we've been to!)

We were really excited to find a natural food store as well! Delicious dried soups and beans and Quinoa oh and some flax seed for good fiber! Yum Yum!!

Well we'll be heading off down the Saranac River today, got a few rapids down river the next few days! (yay...i'm
One of the eight lakes...One of the eight lakes...One of the eight lakes...

not sure which lake it's hard to tell in thumbnail form which picture it is...we'll give better captions later
not so sure about those, but should be adventurous right? p.s. this is whitny not brian!) But Dave i think is his name from St. Regis gave us some good tips and whatnot about the river! (sorry if i got the name wrong)

Just talked to Carolyn Wolfe and will be meeting up with her and Trevor in Plattsburg in a few days!! So i suppose we will be taking some time off there as well! But looking forward to a visit with an old friend!

I hope you are all doing well at home and wherever you are! We miss you and can't wait to see you!!

I'm going to try to put some pictures on here...

Ta-ta for now!

Starbuck a.k.a Whitny

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Running errands with the canoe in Old Forge

Brown's Inlet Portage
Lean toLean to
Lean to

Lean to at Raquette Lake after fighting the waves to get there...

Glassy Raquette Lake! So beautiful (at least i think it's Raquette...)
Another PortageAnother Portage
Another Portage

From Forked Lake to a river in which i forget the name of..

Again i can't remember which lake this is...i'll let you know later
Long LakeLong Lake
Long Lake

I think this is towards the end of long lake...
Raquette RiverRaquette River
Raquette River

Really pretty section of the Raquette River

There were a whole bunch of big spiders on these logs it was really sick and i'm glad we didn't camp here...(it was near a camp spot that somebody had trashed)

Just went through the Locks on the river
Another SunsetAnother Sunset
Another Sunset

This was just out of our Lean to on the river (one of our favorite lean to's!) No bugs!!

NFCT Kiosk in Lake Saranac Village!! 2 maps down 11 to go!

20th May 2010

Oh Sorry the photos are kind of crappy but it gives you an idea!
21st May 2010

Neat. Looks like a lot of fun...have a great time, and keep the photos coming if you can
21st May 2010

Plattsburgh = Lake Champlain
fyi... Lake Champlain almost got designated as the 6th great lake. We often take the ferry across from plattsburgh - about a 10 minute sail and sometimes we go across at Port Kent which takes about an hour and brings us to down-town Burlington. Thanks for the phone call. love and prayers uncle bob and vivian
28th May 2010

Glad to hear you guys are doing well! Love the pictures. Can't wait to see what comes next! Love you guys. -Gin and Jon
15th June 2010

i thought it was brian...
you're so funny that you thought you had to include who was typing this entry. i'll be concerned when Brian writes "yay".

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