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October 7th 2011
Published: October 8th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Greetings from New Mexico! I've covered 1360 miles since departing NC on Wednesday morning. I realized along the way that I will have driven the entire length of I-40 when I get to the western end in CA on Monday. Granted I didn't depart on this trip from Wilmington, NC but I have driven that segment many times.

Really a little of AZ and the CA sections is all that will be new.

I stumbled across a bit of trivia today. I learned that 100 degrees west longitude is the border between Oklahoma and the panhandle of Texas! Saw a sign around Erick, OK mentioning a museum of the 100 degrees longitude so I researched with my gps and Texas map.

I'm more than halfway to my initial destination - San Luis Obispo, CA. Only 1115 more miles to go. Overnight in AZ Saturday at meteor crater and Barstow, CA on Sunday will give me a short and easy driv in on Monday. I'll have Tuesday to catch my breath and explore the local area before the California Photo Festival begins on Wednesday.

That's it for now. No photos to share tonight. I snapped a couple along the way, but it's basically been hammer down on I-40.

I did learn today how much a strong headwind/crosswind can affect fuel mileage. I had strong winds all day. That coupled with a climb in altitude of several thousand feet (it's deceiving as it looks flat in OK and TX) resulted in about 3 miles per gallon less on the last tank of fuel. At least the diesel prices have been lower so far on this trip than back in September. I'm expecting high prices on the left coast.

Thanks for checking in. I'll try and post some images in a few days.



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