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(SW Bible Camp) We have a herd of mule deer that feed on the dry brown grass we’re parked on; we’ve seen as many as 13 at a time. Rumor has it that they’ll eat your plants if you leave them outside, so we’re dragging two large plants indoors every night! Three of us have large geraniums, and we’re always trying to talk someone (else) into leaving theirs outside to see if the deer will bother them! No takers! I have a planter that the team gave us in January, and it seems to be common knowledge that deer like daisies, so for sure I’m bringing that in nightly. Also, there are javelinas , which I believe is Latin for a very ugly pig. They weigh as much as a hundred pounds, and are about two ... read more
This is a bit fuzzy, but
Phase two of our zoo:
The woman in the white apron

North America » United States » New Mexico » Glenwood April 14th 2011

(South West Bible Camp) We’re nearly finished with two weeks, half way through this project, and I’m just now getting around to blogging…..thank you for bearing with me! Last time I mentioned how quiet it is here, and I’m telling you again, it’s quiet! But the thing is, everyone is so friendly that we have things going on all the time! The Senior Citizen’s Center is right across the highway (not highways like we knew in Phoenix, though!), and they serve lunch every day for $2. Some people go every day, and some on select days, but everyone goes on Thursday….well, everyone except the Danielsons. Seems that you have to be a senior citizen to eat there, unless you’re willing to pay $8.25 per meal. We’re not. Not senior citizens and not willing to pay ... read more
Our April backyard.
There we are, way on the southwest...
Mogolloon is nearly 6000' elevation

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