Day 33

Published: July 28th 2009
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Today was my day off, we arrived in Maine last night and stayed in a cute little beach town, York. We
had no plans for the day so we slept in and took our time getting ready to go and we checked out at 11:00 and explored the town, we went to the beach and put our feet in the water, we all stood on top of a rock and a wave came and soaked us all, Toreys camera got wet and broke, I was on the phone with dad when it happened, but luckily camera and phone were ok! We then found lunch at a restaurant where we were able to eat fish and chips outside by the ocean. We then found some shops, taffy, and ice-cream. We then went to the ocean and jumped waves; which basically means that when we saw a wave we would jump or dive into it. SO much fun, we spent an hour and a half just being in the water, it was cloudy and cold out but totally worth it! On the way back we found a restaurant, Fosters, and got fresh lobster, we were even able to hold the lobster that we were going to eat! We then got our lobster and we had to crack the shell ourselves, what a messy meal! We had to wear and bib and all! The drive home was long and I slept the whole time---didn’t mean too….and we were back at camp by midnight. I think this was the best trip ever because Maine is the most beautiful state, I would love to go back and the group that I went with was awesome; Jessica, Wes, Samantha, Khara, Torey, and Me.


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