A Road Trip With No Point

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March 24th 2018
Published: March 24th 2018
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We had Zaya and needed to get her back to her parents. We thought we’d get her to Reno where we could meet our kids, saving them time. As they live north of Reno, they could drive down to meet. Then realized that, if we were going to Reno anyway, we should ski at Tahoe. I looked at the weather and it was supposed to be great skiing on Monday and Tues.

By Sunday, we remembered that Dale had an appointment on Wed a.m. and then we saw that the storm wasn’t going to hit until Tues/Wed. We decided to leave on Wed after his appointment, ski Thurs with Zaya then meet our kids on Friday. We’d stay at our favorite place, the Peppermill, in Reno.

We packed all set to ski and drove off, unfortunately, mid-Wed afternoon. This meant that the Buffet was not going to be open for dinner. Then as we were driving I checked the weather for Boreal and saw that it was actually raining at the base and forecast to rain on Thurs. By this time we were already committed to meeting Nate and Bekki and our room had a non-cancelation clause.

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had no problems going over I-80 as it was mostly raining, nothing heavy, but rain nevertheless. The forecast that night was rain at the base of Boreal for most of Thurs.

The buffet closed as we arrived so we opted to eat at the café, a place where we often eat a late dinner. I like to play Keno with dinner, so I filled out my 3 numbers. I only had $12 so marked 2-$5.00 games. The Keno lady came by and suggested that I play 5-$2 games instead and I thought why not. Wouldn’t you know, the first game I had all 3 numbers winning $86, however, if I’d played the 2 games as I’d planned the prize was $250! Alas….

Thurs morning, we slept in and weather still was forecast to rain then turn to snow. Instead of skiing, we headed down to the buffet to console ourselves with food. We were in touch with Nate and Bekki and we agreed that we’d call as we were leaving.

As we were finishing breakfast we were talking about how we’d promised our middle son, Justin, that we’d bring his kids up maybe over the weekend so that they could visit Nate and Bekki. Let’s see now- it’s Friday and we are going to come back over the weekend? What kind of stupid plan was that? And Zaya wouldn’t care if boys skied but she couldn’t? Not one of our better ideas.

We called Nate and Bekki and suggested that we simply go back home with Zaya in tow, pick up boys then start the trip all over again.

Oh well, we had a nice road trip!


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