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March 31st 2009
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Between Ennis and Virginia CityBetween Ennis and Virginia CityBetween Ennis and Virginia City

We stayed in Ennis - not far from Virginia City.
Winter was coming and I wanted to get out! So I called a good friend and we chose to go to the Virginia City area. By looking at the small town web sites we were able to find a hotel room really cheap, which is what we could afford. The hotel was actually in Ennis, MT just a few miles from Virginia City. The two cities are old gold boom towns. I had visited them in my youth, but wanted to go back to see what was left. About 10 years ago there was a fire that took out most of the nickelodeons. There had been the greatest collection of nickelodeons in the world there when I was a kid and it was great fun to put the money in and see them, some were far too racy for children. But I always thought it a shame that they were now gone. Gratefully I did find that a few, very few had survived the fire.

Streets of Virginia City
The city has been brought back to much of it's original board walk. The store fronts are great. There is also a few buildings
I need a rideI need a rideI need a ride

Old car parked on street for tourists like me. :)
you might feel strange walking into. One in particular my friend and I had to walk back out of. We then read the history plaque and it stated that 5 outlaws had been hung from the rafters of the building. There is a spirit about the buildings and at night, there is a ghost story walk. I wish I could have taken the walk, but by the end of the day my feet and legs just said 'No'. It didn't help that we had gone to the Lewis and Clark Caverns - which I plan to write about separate.

Nevada City
Both cities were at one time Territorial Capitals. We were there for one of the two weekends that they do a re-enactment of a hanging. This one was of Jack Slade. Jack was part of the vigilantes who kept the law around there. But he had gone against this oath and gotten drunk again and shot up the town again. This time they had, had enough and they were hanging him for it. There was an impromptu trial and sentence given and carried out with very little
Hanging of Jack SlateHanging of Jack SlateHanging of Jack Slate

This is a re-enactment.
expense! I don't think he even got a new rope. He was gone before his wife could even get there for him to say goodbye. These men did not mess around. If you got a notice on your door that said, "7-7-77" you wanted to get out of town yesterday. It was a notice that if you didn't you would be in a box seven feet long, seven feet deep and 77 inches wide very soon.


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