Day 28 - The long drive to Missoula, Montana !

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July 10th 2010
Published: July 12th 2010
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Yesterday was such a fun day for us and now we were all rested up for our big drive today. We both just love doing adventurous stuff like that especially since we're getting older and we're not sure how much longer these old bodies will hold up. I guess we figure we better get it done now just in case. After we got our showers, ate breakfast and filled up with gas it was time to head on over to Missoula, Montana. Yep, I said Montana !! We've been from Oregon to Idaho to Washington and now we were headed to Montana. It's always an adventure around here and we're always off in search of something new to discover. We hit the road with happy faces and open eyes. After having the cow run out in front of us a couple of days ago and then the deer, we were both on the lookout for any creature who may decide today was the day they were going to test fate. As we were driving, I dozed off for a minute (this is very common), but was surprisingly awaken by Tim and we were in the parking lot of an old country store. He knew that I had been wanting to go trout fishing since the beginning of the trip so he pulled in the store to surprise me by getting me a fishing license. I was sooo excited but that didn't last long. After finding out that the license was only good for one day, you could only use lures to fish with and you had to throw back anything you caught we decided just to skip the fishing excursion and wait until we made it to Yellowstone in a couple of days. We were going to be in another state in just a short while so it really wasn't worth it to me so we'll just see what happens in Jackson Hole or Yellowstone. It was such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do and I was just happy Tim thought of it and tried to make one of my wishes come true. He's sweet like that !! Well, we were back on the road and while Tim drove us across the state, I stayed on the phone for hours taking care of things back at home. It hadn't really been a great week for us on the homefront and we had a lot of issues to handle. First, we get a phone call that the pump in the pool motor had burned up and needed to be replaced so that was a nightmare in itself. Next, we get a phone call from Kayla that one of her friends took her car while she was sleeping and crashed it into our mailbox so I had to deal with that from the other side of the country. We had to get it towed, get an estimate ($4,100.00) and then deal with the parents of the girl and insurance and police and all that mess and it's still not figured out. Then there's our insurance premium that I forgot to pay so I have to get it in the mail somehow and so on and so on and it's just neverending. Oh well, we were trying not to let it all get us down, we just want to enjoy our trip while we're gone and hopefully everything will work itself out. Tim drove us for hours on end and with nothing but mountains, hills, rivers and valleys in our site it gives us a lot of time to talk and bond with each other. We always talk about our parents, our kids, friends, family, money, getting jobs, bills and all the normal couple talk to pass the time. We tell each other stories about things that happened before we knew each other and we talk about how we wish we would have met years ago but then I have to remind Tim that I was only 8 years old when he graduated from high school so that's always good for a laugh or two. Speaking of laughing, he looked at me today and said "Could you imagine if you were pregnant now and we had to start all over?" of course I just busted out laughing and thought I would die. Oh my goodness some of the things we talk about, I'm pretty sure after three Summers on the road together and ten years of marriage, we pretty much know all there is to know about each other and much more !! Tim drove as I took a little nap and before I knew it several hours had passed by and we were almost to Missoula, Montana. Tim found the local Wal-Mart and it just so happend that there was a really nice laundry mat across the street so guess who got to do laundry tonight, yep, ME !! It had been eight days so it was almost time anyway so we pulled in and loaded up everything and headed for the washing machines. I didn't even realize it until I had finished seperating all the clothes that this laundry mat was connected to a little bar and casino. It was the darndest thing I have ever seen. I guess they figured if you get bored washing clothes you could grab you a cold beer and play a few slot machines while waiting for the spinning cycle. Well I knew it was time for the race to start so I called Tim and told him to come on back inside and we could watch the race while he had a couple of beers and I folded the clothes. It sounds crazy but that's exactly what we did until the laundry was complete and the race was almost over. There were about 35 laps to go and we loaded everything up during a commercial break and made our way across the street to Wal-Mart just in time for the last 30 laps. Some sweet kid won his second race of his lifetime and he was crying and his crew chief was crying and it was a great ending to a long day. It's bedtime now so I'm off to la la land but we'll be up bright and early tomorrow excited to make our way on over towards Yellowstone.........we'll get there eventually so hang in there. Sweet Dreams ! :-)


13th July 2010

13th July 2010

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