Rochester Falls & Krug Park - St. Joseph, MO

Published: April 7th 2011
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Rochester Falls & Krug Park - St. Joseph, MO
Finally, a warm day is upon us. After a cold and snow filled winter, the sunshine feels exhilarating and the green grass is a welcome sight. We decide to take the kids to Rochester Falls, about ten miles northeast of St. Joseph, MO.

The grass along the Platte River is only beginning to show hints of green. Dried brown leaves still cover most of the ground. There is no sign of the small purple and yellow flowers that warmer weather usually brings quickly and the yellowish brown of limestone dominated the riverbank and the small island that split the river in two.

Today a father spends time with his two young children, showing one how to send rocks splashing into the surely still cold water while the other hops up and down on the uneven shelves of rock.

On the opposite side there is a old bluish car protruding from the river bank, been there for a couple of decades judging by the mud and growth piled on top of it. The falls were not impressive since the river level was up. During the dry season, the river abates and the falls are a bit more remarkable.

A quick drive into St. Joseph and we decide to visit Krug Park. The warm weather has brought nearly everyone to the park. The lagoon is a blur of activity as cars vie for parking places and families line the railing to feed the geese in the lagoon. We drive on around to the Italian style castle that houses several stone steps, a playground, and the remnants of a fountain that had to have been grand in its day. Children hurry to get their turn at the slides and swings while the parents sit at the picnic tables watching.

It is nice to get out of the house on such a nice day. The kids play and are having fun and I get to play with my new lens and enjoy the sunshine. It is a good day indeed.

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