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North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Joseph June 26th 2018

We weren’t sure what we would want to do today, but we decided that even though the campground we were in is very nice and our site is a good one, the negative is that the power is weak as is the wifi. Since it was forecast to be fairly hot today we were worried that we might have trouble with our AC...NOT a good thing when the weather is hot and humid for sure! Therefore, we pulled out of camp at 10:00 heading north towards St. Joseph, MO. Driving out through Branson, we were amazed at the growth of the town and the huge improvements to the road system there. Our drive today consisted of lovely views of wooded hills which perch upon high rock faces. Our trek took us onto plateaus that had green ... read more
TOny S.—an old house along the road for you
Storm ahead...not a funnel but still concerning
A barn for Tony as the sky darkens

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Joseph August 20th 2017

Last night, we decided to check out the East Hills Mall near where we're staying. They had a free traveling planetarium show there, and there's a carousel in the mall as well. The planetarium show was OK. I think the kids liked seeing the constellations, and I know they liked the preview for the total solar eclipse that's tomorrow! Now we have this day in Saint Joseph that we don't know what to do with! A friend recommended the Trails West! festival, but, as it costs money and it's hot out, we've opted to skip. Instead, we headed to the visitor's center that's attached to the East Hills Visitor's Center. They had a few photo ops set up as well as lots of merchandise to purchase. We chatted a bit about the forecast for tomorrow because ... read more
Free Traveling Planetarium
Traveling Planetarium at the East Hills Mall
Photo Op at the St Joseph Visitor's Center

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Joseph August 19th 2017

Well, this is it: eclipse weekend! We've joined millions of people heading into the path of totality. From central Iowa, the easiest places to travel to totality are Nebraska and Missouri. I chose Missouri simply because we go through Nebraska all the time, and this was a chance to drive somewhere new (to us). Last fall, I booked rooms in Saint Joseph. I called a handful of times over the months to confirm my reservation, but I was still nervous about not having a room when we arrived. We packed our tent just in case! It ended up not being a problem at all. We arrived in Saint Joseph around 11am, but our room wasn't going to be ready until 3pm. We got lunch at the Cracker Barrel next door to the hotel, and then we ... read more
Remington Nature Center
Woolly Mammoth at the Nature Center's Entrance
"Remi" the Mammoth

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Joseph July 26th 2016

Day 28 - Elkhart to Maysville Today we mostly tried to make up some of the time lost to car repairs. Before leaving, Tony tried to reproduce a check engine light and code we have been seeing since leaving Grand Island. Alas, no luck without the trailer hooked up. However, he did accidentally drive by the main offices for two of the biggest RV manufacturers in the US: Forest River and Heartland. Note that Heartland is the company that made our travel trailer, so it was like a homecoming. Since we were behind, we didn't try to visit the factory. Will's place is less than a quarter mile from the Michigan border so we drove a bit north and spent some time taking in the very picturesque towns in Michigan as we worked our way west ... read more

Moving through Missouri, road construction/repair is a constant. It is annoying and makes the trip seem long and unnecessarily tight for us. Add to that the pertinent road signs asking "Are you a provider or a parasite?" Arrived in Sioux Falls, S.D. dragging our bicycle cover. Could have been worse! Sioux Falls, it turns out, has some stuff going on! They have completed a rejuvination of the downtown and have a beautiful park focusing on the "Falls". The falls are a huge outcroping of stone, lots of water, 100 ft. drop - we stayed for the night lighting of the falls, plus had an amazing dinner at Lucianio's. Enjoyed it! Thanks Sioux Falls and the hostess at the RV Park, who needs to work for the Chamber of Commerce.... read more
Open road

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Joseph November 29th 2011

The Visiting Wanderer Sometimes we are so concerned with traveling to far off exotic lands to have something exciting to write about, but sometimes there are interesting places within a short drive of where we live. Before I go someplace I always try to find the history of the place to include in what I write. Saint Joseph, Missouriis no different. The Buchanan County Courthouse is a great example of late 1800’s architecture. It is located at 411 Jules St. and has its own claim to historical fame. The Ford brothers, Robert and Charlie, were tried here for the shooting of Jesse James on April 3, 1882. In just a single day the url=http://en.wik... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Joseph June 23rd 2011

My target for today is St. Joseph Missouri. This relatively small town looms large in western lore. The lore is based on real events. Today, I explore some of them. Jesse James House The first site I saw is the url= James house. url= James was a legendary outlaw who robbed dozens of banks and at least six trains. His life has been much mythologized, so people forget how brutal he was in real life. He committed at least six murders. He ultimately married his s... read more
Jesse James 'bullet hole'
James bedroom
Pony Express Stables

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Joseph April 3rd 2011

Rochester Falls & Krug Park - St. Joseph, MO Finally, a warm day is upon us. After a cold and snow filled winter, the sunshine feels exhilarating and the green grass is a welcome sight. We decide to take the kids to Rochester Falls, about ten miles northeast of St. Joseph, MO. The grass along the Platte River is only beginning to show hints of green. Dried brown leaves still cover most of the ground. There is no sign of the small purple and yellow flowers that warmer weather usually brings quickly and the yellowish brown of limestone dominated the riverbank and the small island that split the river in two. Today a father spends time with his two young children, showing one how to send rocks splashing into the surely still cold water while the ... read more
Krug Park - St. Joseph, MO
Krug Park - St. Joseph, MO
Krug Park - St. Joseph, MO

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Joseph March 13th 2011 The riders of the Pony Express rode their way into history and legend. One hundred and fifty-one years later, we can now explore the stable where it all started. The Pony Express Museum is at home in the very stables that Express riders so many years ago departed from. The exhibits open a window into history that gives us a chance to see into the lives of the riders and others involved with the creation, operation, and decline of the legend known as the Pony Express. As we step into the past, we find ourselves in the Blacksmith/Wheel Wright shop where a man is busy fitting a shoe onto a horse. On the wall hang all the necessary parts constructing wagon wheels and making shoes for the horses. Studying this exhibit, you will see how ... read more
20110305-DSC 5742 3 4 5
20110305-DSC 5756
20110305-DSC 5758

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Joseph March 13th 2011 Despite the unyielding, brisk wind blowing down the Ole Missouri River, I had the pleasure of visiting the Remington Nature Center. Upon stepping through the entrance, I was immediately confronted with a life-size mammoth standing guard at the front desk. It was obvious that the long, reddish-brown fur was grown to protect the mammal from the cold of the ice age. Its tusks extending out and looked monstrous as I stood there dwarfed by the sheer size of this creature. After a moment of marveling at this wonder I noticed that peering out from behind it’s mother’s leg was a small calf. Further observation showed that the bones that lay near the mammoth were actually from a real mammoth found here in Buchanan County, MO. After introducing myself, I was greeted in a very friendly ... read more
20110219-DSC 5664
20110219-DSC 5670
20110219-DSC 5676

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