Rocky Mountain High's Great Adventure
June 19th 2011 -» July 20th 2011
Dwlp.travelkids's Trip to Who Knows Where!!
May 6th 2012 -» June 18th 2012
Won't go home til we get "There"...but don't know where "There" is yet!
July 13th 2013 -» August 12th 2013
Small House...Big Yard
July 15th 2014 -» August 23rd 2014
Planning to go to "A Fork in the Road" and then take it!!
June 14th 2016 -» July 29th 2016
To Arkansas and Beyond!
June 19th 2018 -» July 25th 2018
“Just an average Wednesday morning”....quote from Eeyore (Except it is Friday!)
September 21st 2018 -» ongoing