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May 6th 2010
Published: May 8th 2010
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Welcome to EaganWelcome to EaganWelcome to Eagan

This is about as exciting as it gets...
So, it's been a while since I last wrote an entry on my blog, but do not fear brave readers, I haven't been stuck in the UK for 6 months. My one woman crusade to add as much CO2 to the atmosphere is still well underway, oh yeah!

Since I've finally gone somewhere new I thought it was time for a quick catch up, I would imagine this could be the only travelblog from the fair city of Eagan in Minnesota, oh yeah!

You may ask 'why Eagan?' In fact you are probably asking yourself 'where the hell is Eagan?' I'll explain. It is a city south of the twin cities of St Paul and Minneapolis in the mid-west state of Minnesota. I was visiting for work, so that isn't particularly interesting in itself. And to be fair, Eagan isn't particularly interesting, it's most notable claim to fame is the vast 'Mall of America' which is alleged to be the biggest mall in the US. It's pretty big, even has a few fair ground rides in the middle. But I guess the Minnesotan winters are long and there ain't a lot else to do round these parts, oh yeah!
And on the eighth day..And on the eighth day..And on the eighth day..

God created Mall.

What else is there to say about Eagan? Nothing, oh yeah!

Of course any knowledge I had of Minnesota before my trip can be summed up in the fact I watched the film 'Fargo' where they all speak funny, oh yeah!
This is due to a large amount of the population being descended from Norwegians which has left it's legacy in a lot of surnames ending in 'son' and a rather nice way of saying 'Oh yeah, you betcha!'

But of course there is more in Minnesota than Eagan and although it was a brief trip over I managed to get a couple of quick trips in to St Paul, this is one of the 'Twin Cities' on one side of the famous Mississippi river, Minneapolis being on the other side. I believe those who live in Minneapolis might like to refer to St Paul as just another suburb of their city, but I wouldn’t want to comment on that.

A night out was had in the Cathedral area of St Paul and I sampled one of the local brews, a nice beverage made by the Minneapolis based Surly Brewing company. They have a good range
The world under one roofThe world under one roofThe world under one roof

Mall rats will love this, it was a bit like being in Vegas, it was so huge.
of beers with some great names; there is Surly Furious, Surly Bender and Cynic Ale. I tried the Surly Abrasive which at 9% may have been named after the type of hangover you might get if you drink too much of it. I only had a couple but I think it helped improve my darts playing later on in the evening (ahem, I don’t think the new boss was impressed that much).

So a brief visit, but I hope it will be the first of many and I’ll actually make it in to Minneapolis next time and maybe I’ll even hire a big truck and go shoot something like the locals, I'm thinking about going native. Afterall, they have even named a range of meat products after yours truely, I was presented with my very own tin of corned beef hash on arrival, but does it make me a cannibal if I eat it?

But this is not the sum total of my travel in the last few months, as usual there have been a few ski trips and some other work trips to New York and a nice Korfball weekend in Eindhoven, also very flat just like
Not St Paul's cathedralNot St Paul's cathedralNot St Paul's cathedral

But St Paul cathedral, spot the difference?
Minnesota so I’ve selected a few photos for your enjoyment. Oh yeah!

Additional photos below
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Wet, wet, wet!Wet, wet, wet!
Wet, wet, wet!

10,000 lakes? I think they need some more
I rock!I rock!
I rock!

Who else has their very own brand of meat products?
They called me OrvilleThey called me Orville
They called me Orville

And for the 2010 snowboarding season, I will be mostly wearing green.
Save FaceSave Face
Save Face

Le Face run in to Val D'Isere, rather black and rather steep, but I made it.
Morning has brokenMorning has broken
Morning has broken

On the drive back down from Tignes, the beautiful view made up for the early hour.
Majestic MountainsMajestic Mountains
Majestic Mountains

This is the reason why I love to return to Lake Louise year after year.
Vodka MartiniVodka Martini
Vodka Martini

A run in the resort of Sunshine near Lake Louise, I was a little shaken afterwards!
On route to ZermattOn route to Zermatt
On route to Zermatt

No cars in Zermatt, you have to take Ze Train!
Swiss Poutine?Swiss Poutine?
Swiss Poutine?

Swiss rosti, it had cheese, potato and gravy. Poutine by another name.
Wo ist Wolli?Wo ist Wolli?
Wo ist Wolli?

Zermatt's mascot Wolli, to be found in Wolli land no less.
It wouldn't happen hereIt wouldn't happen here
It wouldn't happen here

An advert for 'My first Swiss Army Knife', I can't quite imagine that would be allowed in the UK, kids with knives, a-hem.
Oh look, another mountain Oh look, another mountain
Oh look, another mountain

gotta love 'em! The Matterhorn looking lovely.
And back across the pondAnd back across the pond
And back across the pond

Some New York scenes for your enjoyment.
Bryant parkBryant park
Bryant park

I must stay in this cool hotel one day.
Pretty planePretty plane
Pretty plane

On my wanderings I found a Concorde, shame it's not up in the air anymore.
Peace be with youPeace be with you
Peace be with you

Some trivial organisation you may have heard of in passing resides here.
The bestest present ever!The bestest present ever!
The bestest present ever!

Those Iranians gave the UN some silk carpets of all the old UN Secretary Generals, what an excellent present!
Lights outLights out
Lights out

New York city sparkling in the night

8th May 2010

Love the green!
Hi Mazza - I love reading your blogs - they are fab! So when are you going to write and entry about Barrie Ontario? We're still waiting for your visit!!
8th May 2010

Hi Miranda, be careful what you wish for! I maybe back over in June to Minnesota, I think it's quite a good place to visit you from. It can't be more than a couple of hours flight to visit you from there. I've got a bit of holiday to use up.
8th May 2010

I stumbled upon your blog by accident, but I enjoyed seeing a post from Minnesota! I drove through there once and actually really enjoyed the beautiful scenery. My blog is looking for travel reviews (like of poutine in Minnesota!), photos, etc. If you have the time, check it out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com, or email me at dirtyhippiesblog@gmail.com. Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)

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