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August 23rd 2013
Published: August 23rd 2013
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Union Street StationUnion Street StationUnion Street Station

Downtown Traverse City. The Resolvers Raggae group was the entertainment.
I've finally done it. . . I've finally created the well procrastinated travel blog. This is something I've contemplated for some time. Again. . .well procrastinated. My adventures began 3 years ago, well, the ones that weren't accompanied by sorrows and anguish anyways, or begotten by myself. Three years ago I fell into the arms of someone I always longed for, even though it seemed I barely knew him really. Yet, my soul was attracted to him from the first time I laid eyes on him. Six years later we would finally begin our adventures. I was finally with someone with whom I could share my love of writing, discovery, history, sci-fi, fantasy, the great outdoors, and again, the need to adventure! And what a blessing it has been!

I remember in our first year he woke up one day and asked if I wanted to go hiking. It was such an unfamiliar sound to my ears that I had to do a double take as he lay next to me waiting for a response. I even asked him 3 consecutive times, "Do you really want to go hiking today?". He reassured me each time that he truly did. After
House of DogsHouse of DogsHouse of Dogs

Downtown Traverse City, across the street from Union Street Station. Open after hours.
years of badgering others to go out with me into the unknown I was feeling quite elated to be in the other side of the precipice.

Now, I sit at a campfire typing to you (I know, I'm defeating the purpose of camping at this moment). It is our 3rd summer of adventuring together, and our daughter Autumn, about to turn a year old next month on September 15th, sleeps quietly in the tent. We are in Indian River Michigan, staying at Burt Lake State Campground, nearing the end of vacation 2013. No, our venturing is not over for the year, far from. But, this is our week long vacation we take every year around our weekend trips (hence The Weekenders). As most of all our trips, this started with only an inkling of where we wanted to go. This is why our wanderings are truly "adventures".

We started in Traverse City on the Friday night it began. This was for my younger sisters 21st birthday. The next night she was survived enough, and loving enough, to watch Autumn so Barry and I could have a night on the town. It was the weekend of Wakefest (to be followed the weekend after by the microbrew and music fest, something not in our future due to poor budgeting, depsite the fact that we need to return there for our dog and iguana, lol). We started our night off at Park Place Hotel downtown. They have a bar at the top Called Beacon Lounge, also referred to as "Top of the Park". It is where Barry and I spent our first "real" date. It overlooks the entire downtown of TC and Grand Traverse Bay, from beautiful candlelit tables seated along walls which are made completely of windows.

They have the best entertainment, a very talented person with a piano in which you can sit around. He always celebrates peoples special occassions, be it bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversarys, or birthdays (birthdays are his specialties, lol). He also has his own business called "Your Name Rings A Bell", in which he makes wire sculptures, and is continuously making them on his small breaks between playing piano, singing, playing harmonica, celebrating, and dj-ing. Thy are amazing sculptures, and he does them so quickly with such ease.

Barry and I still go there every February on our anniversary (the day before valentines day) to celebrate our first date. Nothing is as beautiful as watching the big fluffy snowflakes, gentle in there decent, and unique somehow only to Traverse City, fall upon downtown by candlelight and piano. Every time I go there it's as if it's our first date all over again.

So after a few chocolate-tinis, and a cranberry vodka, we headed downtown to close out our night at The Union Street Station, upon multiple suggestions from friends. The Resolvers Raggae group was playing, and they were awesome. 😊 "We need more cowbell!". . lol. . .only snl fans would get that. After hours we headed across the street to the Doghouse for some polish dogs and chili cheese fries. And that was the beginning of our vacation. . .

The day after the next, after a good visit with my sister, brother in law, nieces and nephews, we headed to the opposite side of the state, to Tawas State Park. Located on the end of a beautiful peninsula surrounded by Lake Huron on both sides, it hosts a lighthouse and mutiple gorgeous beaches. We stayed there 2 nights before heading off to a new location. (I will give you reviews later, as I'm sure you're sick of hearing my rambling, if you have even made it thus far.)

Our next stop was Onaway State Park, the 2nd oldest state park in Michigan, and the area is the sturgeon capital of the state. We stayed here, one- because we needed to make our way back toward TC, and two - because we wanted to check out Ocqueoc Falls. Again, I'll post a review later, but it was beautiful, and also lower michigans largest falls.

After a night there we headed toward Indian River, and Burt Lake State Park. This is our first night here. It feels nice to be settled in for the remainder of our vacation (the difficulties I will share another day. . .tomorrow of course, if I'm not overwhelmed with fun and sunburn.) Now to enjoy the rest of the weekend before we head home and wait for next weekend (our adult canoe trip with two other close couples. . .should be a blast! Will surprisingly be our first time on the river in a canoe this summer). I will check in tomorrow. . . 😊


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