Mackinac Island

Published: August 25th 2011
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Mackinac BridgeMackinac BridgeMackinac Bridge

Looking North from the Lake Huron side. That looks to be some kind of buoy there in the foreground.
My mom and I actually tried to visit Mackinac Island the day before, on 18 July 2011, but the clouds were pretty dark and thunder was evident, so we held off a day. Turns out the next day, my mom's birthday, was a much better weather day. My mom even demanded to pay for both the round trip ferry ride as well as a private one hour coach ride around the South side of the island. On her birthday! Thanks Mom!

There are some interesting things about the island. No motorized vehicles allowed. Bicycles, horse drive carriages, and walking are the ways to get around. There are people on the island year 'round, but the tourist season ends with the warm weather. To be anywhere in the Grand Hotel is a USD $10 charge if you are not staying at the hotel, including just a leisurely stroll or rocking chair on the biggest porch in the world.

Most of the photos are taken on the island itself, with a couple of the Mackinac Bridge the day before.

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Very Nice DigsVery Nice Digs
Very Nice Digs

This home is located just SE of the entrance to the Mackinac Bridge, a very nice home indeed.
Colonial MichilimackinacColonial Michilimackinac
Colonial Michilimackinac

Founded 1715? 1719? This the entrance to the fort, of which I failed to snap a picture, that is located to the West (left) of the bridge.
Under WayUnder Way
Under Way

Here we are on our 20 minute ferry ride from Mackinac City to Mackinac Island. I believe we took a Star Ferry, and their ferries have this huge rooster tail used to grab the attention of us tourists. That's my mom enjoying the rather breeze less ride over to the island. We got lucky to get on the 10am ferry by chance as it usually takes a detour under the Mackinac Bridge on the way to the island. This day it was far too foggy at 10am to see anything. It did clear up a few hours later.
Main StreetMain Street
Main Street

Here we are. This is the main street on the island, lined with fudge shops, t-shirt shops, restaurants, lodging, bikes, people, and of course the island's main form of public transportation, horses.
Porch of the Grand HotelPorch of the Grand Hotel
Porch of the Grand Hotel

This was early on in our private coach tour of the South side of the island. Boasted to be the World's Largest Porch. If you are not staying at the hotel, you can pay USD $10 to rock in one of those chairs, stroll the porch, go inside, etc. No free milling about though!
Unique HomeUnique Home
Unique Home

All along the South side of the island, away from the touristy hustle/bustle area where the ferries dock, you will find very unique homes in great condition. I wonder if you can buy any of them, when they are for sale, for under say USD $1.5M?
Well kept groundsWell kept grounds
Well kept grounds

On really all the homes, especially these expensive ones.
Busy, BusyBusy, Busy
Busy, Busy

People coming and going all day, lots to see and do while you are in the area. These two ferries look like they are heading to Saint Ignace rather than Mackinac City.
Fort Mackinac EntranceFort Mackinac Entrance
Fort Mackinac Entrance

We didn't try this tour.
Darning, in period dressDarning, in period dress
Darning, in period dress

This woman on the bench is no tourist, and is dressed to play the part, when the Fort was active.
Up HighUp High
Up High

This photo was taken not too far from the Governor's (of Michigan that is) Cottage, and clearly we are up a little bit in elevation. Looking from the SE corner of the island.
Our Faithful SteedsOur Faithful Steeds
Our Faithful Steeds

We stopped for about 5 minutes to give these two a break. It was a warm day, and they were likely to feel the heat. Just down the road was some fresh water, and one of them had a nice big drink, and the other sloshed its nose in the water apparantly trying to scratch an itch.
Lots of SailboatsLots of Sailboats
Lots of Sailboats

There are actually quite a lot of sailboats in the harbor there. The reason is that the race from Chicago to this area finished the day before, and likely the contestants were hanging around the area for a while afterward to take in the setting.
Church ServiceChurch Service
Church Service

Two nights ago, there was a significant electrical storm that passed through this part of Michigan, and two of the sailors from one of the competing sailboats perished due to its effects. From what we could tell, there was a service at this church to honor those two fallen sailors.
Fort MackinacFort Mackinac
Fort Mackinac

Looking North from the South edge of the island. In the foreground you see folks readying their sails to be packed up once they have fully dried out.
For SaleFor Sale
For Sale

This little piece of property can be yours for around USD $4M as I understand it. It has been for sale for a few years now as I understand it as well.
More SailboatsMore Sailboats
More Sailboats

The harbor and docks were quite full I was told. Many of the boats would leave fairly soon though and embark on the Eastern side of the race from Port Huron to Mackinac.

27th August 2011

Great pix!!!

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