Arizona Diamondbacks vs. San Francisco Giants

Published: August 20th 2011
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On 3 Aug 2011, McKesson treated around 120 of its employees from its specialty health care unit to a day at the ball park. This was to recognize the work that the team had done to align with ARRA requirements, and since I had a hand in the e-prescribing related efforts for the iKnowMed application, was quite happy to attend and take in the day with my co-workers.

It was a great weather day and we got to the park early at around 10:45am since we also had tickets to Triples Alley, a section of the warning track in right field where those with tickets can watch batting practice and such at field level. That was quite a treat to see a few players up close, as well as the complimentary food and drink afforded in that section of the ball park.

Since first pitch was 12:45pm, we left Triples Alley around 12:30 and walked the warning track around to our seats which were far down the first base line. Very cool experience.

We saw the Giants with a dominant performance as well as they easily dispatched the Diamondbacks winning 8 to 1 that day.

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!!! Achtung !!! Achtung !!!!!! Achtung !!! Achtung !!!
!!! Achtung !!! Achtung !!!

Yes, by all means heed this warning. During the time we were in this area, two batted balls made their way into where we were standing. No one even noticed the first one until it landed on the concrete right behind the warning track. Luckily, no one was hurt.
Batting Practice Under WayBatting Practice Under Way
Batting Practice Under Way

And by all means, if you can see this view, better watch where any batted ball is hit.
Fear that BeardFear that Beard
Fear that Beard

The most feared beard since Grizzly Adams made it socially acceptable to dine on pine trees back in the 70s. Brian Wilson is one of the premier closers in the game today. He is just right of center in this photo. It was pretty interesting watching how gingerly he would throw back balls that he fielded here to not possible risk injuring his throwing arm.
In Triples AlleyIn Triples Alley
In Triples Alley

This is just a small part of our group, but you can see that this portion of the warning track is for our use prior to game time.
San Francisco BaySan Francisco Bay
San Francisco Bay

This view is looking SE out of the hospitality area into the San Francisco Bay. Such a beautiful day!
Our Group Filing InOur Group Filing In
Our Group Filing In

Here you can see the last part of our journey from Triples Alley to our seats. I would have to say that Triples Alley is a fun and fairly unique experience, especially when you factor in the random batted balls to keep you on your toes.
View From Our SeatsView From Our Seats
View From Our Seats

A nice view of the field, with the backdrop of the Bay Bridge. It was a really nice day.
Triples AlleyTriples Alley
Triples Alley

That area between the Bank of America sign and the StateFarm sign is Triples Alley. They have already removed the temporary barrier that is used to keep patrons in that area until it is time to be moved to your seats.

Black jeans and a long sleeve shirt are not recommended for day games on warm days, so I get an F for dressing comfortably for the game. Shorts and a t-shirt would have been appropriate. It was such a nice day though.
Hopeful Souvenier SeekersHopeful Souvenier Seekers
Hopeful Souvenier Seekers

I had always seen this area on TV, but never quite understood where it was. Just on the other side of the bleachers in right field. A big enough of a home run can land in the water.
Behind Right Field BleachersBehind Right Field Bleachers
Behind Right Field Bleachers

Even the standing room only tickets have a good view, as seen here along the first base line.
For The RecordFor The Record
For The Record

These show the strikeouts credited to the Giants pitching staff. The direction of the K indicates whether or not the batter struck out swinging.
View From Left FieldView From Left Field
View From Left Field

There really isn't a bad seat in the house. That was a specific design consideration of the park as I understand it. Additionally, the person that designed this ballpark also designed Coors Field in Denver. Some striking similarities, but Coors Field definitely has more seats.
Size does matterSize does matter
Size does matter

Look at the size of that glove, and a Brian Wilson style beard in training in the foreground.
And the Ks ContinueAnd the Ks Continue
And the Ks Continue

Another strikeout just made.
Game OverGame Over
Game Over

Giants Win! 8-1.
This is the Bay AreaThis is the Bay Area
This is the Bay Area

Another shot of the park with what appears to be the Vallejo ferry readying to take some folks back that way.
Willie McCovey StatueWillie McCovey Statue
Willie McCovey Statue

With the ball park and the One Rincon Hill South Tower in the background.

It was a great day with great company and a fine victory for us to experience. Thank you McKesson!

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