Leaving Isle Royale

Published: May 26th 2019
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Souvenir BookSouvenir BookSouvenir Book

Do Beavers Need Blankets?
This was our last morning at Isle Royale National Park. I felt a little sad leaving. The kids had been amazing on the trip, and I just felt so proud of the kids for how adventurous they've been. Isle Royale National Park isn't the easiest park to get to, and it's one of the least visited in the national park system. For these reasons, I can't help but wonder if and when we'll get back.

We spent the morning doing short hikes around the lodge. The kids also picked out souvenir books from the little gift shop. Joanna got North Woods Girl, and Oliver got Do Beavers Need Blankets? We listed to one last ranger talk before boarding our ferry and heading back to Copper Harbor.

Thankfully, the ferry back was once again uneventful. We had our dramamine just in case, and it either did the trick, or else we didn't need it. No one got sick. When we arrived back at Copper Harbor, some of the locals waved to us from the shore.

We were originally planning on camping in the Porkies when we got back. I had a yurt reserved, but we realized we were eager
Souvenir BookSouvenir BookSouvenir Book

North Woods Girl
to get home and weren't eager to stay in a hike-in yurt. We didn't need to spend another day camping and hiking, as much as we'd enjoyed the trip. So, we drove to Houghton and found a hotel where the kids could swim. I can relax and update my travel blog, and we can leave early to make it to Des Moines by the end of day tomorrow, giving Andrew Sunday to relax at home before heading back to work.

We loved our Michigan trip. We loved seeing the Great Lakes. I really hope to be back again one day.

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