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January 9th 2010
Published: January 9th 2010
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I had a lovely last few days in Honduras. I was able to spend some wonderful time my friends Faby, spend the night with my friend Julila and her family, and enjoy my last baleadas! The weather stayed beautiful until the last day when it got chillier and a bit rainy ... but just a way to help me prepare for the cold in Michigan!

I was able to do some shopping at my friend's store, which was a huge blessing for her and her family, and I was able to bring back a lot of fun things for the students here in Detroit!

Traveling back on the 30th was a LONG day. I left Copan at 7am, 3 hour bus ride to San Pedro, 3 hour wait in the airport (our plane landed an hour late), flight to Atlanta, flight missed, flight delayed (a few times), then finally touched down in Detroit at 11pm!

Coming back to the States is always a mix of "oh wow! I missed this!" and "oh no! I have to put up with this again!" Example: I didn't hear anything about H1N1, not shaking hands, or using hand sanitizer the entire 2 1/2 weeks I was in Honduras! But 5 minutes after landing in Atlanta there were signs all over customs warning that if you have the flew you should stay home! On the other hand, I had an amazing, hot shower when I got home! THAT is something I missed. A lot!

I enjoyed New Years weekend with my family on the farm in Lawton. Fabulous time with everyone! And now I'm back in Detroit, working at the school and volunteering with various ministries. It's good to be back and I'm excited for this year ... even though I most likely won't be making a trip down to Honduras in the next 12 months. However, I am planning to go down again in 2011 to be in Copan for my students' 6th grade graduation in June. I'd like to stay for at least a month or two then and hopefully do more with some different ministries. (HA! I know, I know ... it's a year and a half away! I'm learning to live with planned flexibility.)

Thank you to all who pray, support and encourage me!!!!! God is awesome! =)

There's so much more I wanted to share about my trip (usually several times a day while in Honduras I would think, "OH! I should share that in my travel blog!), but time and distant phase things out. If you want the whole experience you'll just have to come down with me sometime! Anyone up for 2011?? =)


11th January 2010

Welcome back, Abril! I'm so glad you got to return to Honduras! Thanks for taking down my notes. Hannah says she hopes to visit you again this semester. She returned to AC yesterday.
17th March 2011

We missed you!!!
April, we missed you so much!!! The cool gifts you brought back were nice, and not having you for spanish was sad! I can't wait to go to Honduras with you!!!!!!!!!!! Only four years!!!!!!!!!!!

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