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February 16th 2007
Published: February 26th 2007
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So Much Snow and CarsSo Much Snow and CarsSo Much Snow and Cars

Detroit is known for having too much snow and too much cars. Welcome to the Motor Capital of the World!


At Greenfield Apartment

Today will be my first day in the office. As soon as I got myself dressed, I ran to the apartment's courtyard and took pictures of me and our apartment here. Snow has piled up for a few inches already and my boots were sinking deep into the ice. Still, it's a good thing the snowstorm happened a day before we arrived. Yes, it was Valentine's Day.

Current Location: Greenfield Road, Oak Park, MI
Current Temperature: 10F

Okay, okay I myself need to convert that to Celsius... that's -12C -- Cold!!! I felt terrible. I know I should not feel this bad, I've had worse in Toronto. Anyhow, I still took snaps of frozen items around me. Thanks to my "new" Canon Ixy.

Time Check: 07:42am EST

We need to walk to the bus stop (Bus Operator: We need to catch the 415 Greenfield Northbound bus at 7:48am. Good thing I brought with me coins I collected from my trip to LA. I needed exactly a dollar and 75 cents to take the bus. (These coins have been with me for more than 6 years!)

So we greeted the bus driver Good Morning and dropped our coins into his coin machine. He pressed a button and a printed ticket with magstripe popped out of it. My officemate told me to take it and keep it. He said we'll use it for the next bus i.e. bus transfer.

A few minutes into the ride, taking Greenfield Road, I saw Tim Horton's! It reminded me of Toronto again. I saw a couple of Tanning Salons, Pizza Parlors, Churches of various sects, etc. We then arrived at our next bus stop.

Current Location: Meijer Drive, Royal Oak, MI
Current Temperature: 10F

We stayed at the bus stop for a couple more minutes then took 420 Southfield Southbound bus. I slid my ticket into the driver's machine and exchanged pleasantries. In a few more minutes, we finally arrived at our office. It took us a lil more than 30 minutes total.

First Day in the Office

Our office building only has 2 or 3 floors. We're in the suburbs so it didn't really feel like working in "corporate america". Haha!

Current Location: Southfield Road, Southfield, MI
Current Temperature: 10F

It was nice to see officemates and be able to associate faces with email addresses. I met our diverse staff that had fellow Filipinos, Indians, and Pakistanis.

Mexican Town @ Downtown Detroit

We were treated to lunch at Downtown Detroit. We drove for 30 minutes going south from the office. We went to a place called the Mexican Town. As the name implies, it's a town filled with all things Mexican.

We had lunch at a restaurant called Xochimilco. It's in an old building and it's pretty dark inside. It somehow made the place feel cozy and comfortable enough. It's tolerably crowded. It's been said to be the best Mexican Restaurant in Detroit. We had Beef Enchilada and Chicken Flautas. Big servings, as expected. But really good. I took my other Enchilada home for dinner. Hehe!

Ambassador Bridge

I am still not over the fact that Toronto is just 4 hours away from here! My boss said that if we take the Ambassador Bridge, we will be in Canada in no time.

The Giant Motor Companies

We saw GM Headquarters on the way. I, again, got excited and took pictures. It's a mighty sight of 2 or 3 buildings clumped together. There are not too many tall buildings here. In fact, we've seen a lot of establishments closed and forgotten. I once read a travelblog that described Detroit as a 'ghost town'. At this point, I may agree.

We parked behind the GM building so I could take a picture of the frozen Detroit River. Just across that river is already Canada!

I cannot take the cold anymore so we ran back to the car and our boss took us to yet another touristy place.

Belle Isle Park

We took Jefferson Avenue and then crossed Douglas MacArthur Bridge to get to the Belle Isle Park. It was all white with sparse, leafless trees. Only birds and ducks seem to enjoy their time in the islet. There is also a fountain, but we'll have to wait till summer for it to be seen in all its glory. It also has a few frozen lakes on it. One is Lake Takoma. They say this islet is filled with people in the summer. People go here for barbeque picnics, skating, kiting, and other activities. We, again, were looking over the Detroit River which, if I am not mistaken, is Detroit's source or water. They also say that Detroit has the best (cleanest) water in all of the United States.

While at the islet, I got a message at my roaming mobile phone. It said "Welcome to Roger's Wireless. Enjoy your stay in Canada!"

My Funny List Of Misadventures

Here I shall maintain a list of my adventures, misadventures, mishaps and bloopers while here in Detroit Metropolitan Area. These simply prove that this city has the worst commuting system in the whole US. Hehe!

😊 My officemate
Had Lunch Here at the Mexican TownHad Lunch Here at the Mexican TownHad Lunch Here at the Mexican Town

They say it's the best of Mexican Town
had to buy her prescription medicines. We took off at Rite Aid at 10 Mile Road. The pharmacist did not have what we exactly needed so we walked just a few feet to K-Mart. Again, they didn't have what we need. The pharmacist told us to go to Walgreens which is the biggest drug store chain in the US (very much like Mercury Drug in the Philippines). She gave us directions. She sounded like it was not too far. We knew it was a long walk but we never expected it was that far -- 2 miles!! Next thing we know, we were at 12 Mile Road! And..... the pharmacy is closed! Waaa!

😊 My friend and I called for a cab and waited for 40 minutes. Yes, this is a continuation of item #2. And yes, we waited for the cab while inside Walgreens. You can just imagine how relieved we were to see the cab. I cannot imagine walking back 2 miles. It was past 9pm and it felt like 25F! Gosh! Now here's the funny part... cab driver asked us, "So do you work in a Chinese or a Korean restaurant?" My jaw dropped. Okay. Hmmm. I smiled and said, "No, we work for an IT company." He said, "Oh, I see". Gosh!

😊 We moved to a new apartment in Nakota and Crooks Road in Royal Oak early this week. My housemate and I have not gone to Church since we got here so we decided to go that day to Guardian Angel in Clawson. We were aware there is no bus schedule along 14 Mile on a Sunday so we decided to walk. We braved the cold wind and did not expect it will take us an hour to get to church!!! It was extremely cold and windy. Extremely!!! And we were the only two people walking. My housemate almost wanted to break into tears. I did everything to make her laugh. We had to stop and go inside the stores along 14 Mile to recuperate from the lost body heat. Yeah... not very funny...

On our way home (yes, that's another hour of walking back), we had late lunch at Wendy's. That afternoon, we were the only young people inside. There were about 6 or 7 people dining inside. Each dining alone. Could this city (Clawson,
To Ambassador BridgeTo Ambassador BridgeTo Ambassador Bridge

... will lead to Canada! I used to go to our Toronto Office which is just 4 hours away (by car) from here
MI) be a preferred retirement city? I've been seeing apartments with signs such as "Apartments for Senior Citizens". Hmmm... must be.

😊 It occurred to me that we've been taking the same bus (with the same bus driver) the whole day today. We went to the mall, went to church, went to a grocery store called Meijer, and then went home -- all with the same ride! The funniest thing is yet to come: The bus driver handed me a ticket which he scribbled in "Call Me" with his name and number on it. It is just the most hilarious thing!!!

Additional photos below
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Detroit River (View from Downtown Detroit)Detroit River (View from Downtown Detroit)
Detroit River (View from Downtown Detroit)

That building stands on Canadian soil
Detroit River (View from Belle Isle Park)Detroit River (View from Belle Isle Park)
Detroit River (View from Belle Isle Park)

That building (GM Headquarters) is where we were at just a few moments ago
Poso sa states??Poso sa states??
Poso sa states??

Vintage-looking clock and building at Clawson, MIVintage-looking clock and building at Clawson, MI
Vintage-looking clock and building at Clawson, MI

Looks like a street at Universal Studios
The First Street in the US is in MichiganThe First Street in the US is in Michigan
The First Street in the US is in Michigan

Also known as the 'Boulevard of Dreams'. Notice that it's number is 1. "If you can just find your way to Woodward, no matter where you are, it's the landmark," said demographer Kurt Metzger, director of research for the United Way of Southeastern Michigan. []

26th February 2007

No wonder we don't see any new entries in you foodie blog. I heard Detoit is well known for it's barb'q ribs. Now it's your change to do an article and share your findings. Thanks
27th February 2007

Hi! Now that you reminded me... maybe I should =D
8th March 2007

Toronto is only 4.5 hrs by car. Are you planning to visit your relatives? Salad King, Greek Town, CN Tower and Centre Island are all waiting for you. By the way it's called Salad King because they are well known for their mango salad.
3rd April 2007

Salad King
"By the way it's called Salad King because they are well known for their mango salad." <-- Gee... I didnt know that! Thanks so much!

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