New England is falling

Published: October 12th 2017
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Well since we last blogged we have driven right across Maine into New Hampshire and into Vermont where we turned south and headed down the length of Vermont into Massachusetts and finally into Connecticut. This whole area is colloquially referred to as New England. The reason for us being in this neck of the woods…and I mean this correctly “ Neck of the woods” was to see a bit of the annual “leaf fall” when the whole place changes colour from green to yellows and reds and is supposed to look amazing. Well as I said in an earlier blog The locals were saying that it was not a good year.

I think the locals are being a little bit “picky” because we have been treated to an absolutely amazing display of colour over the last six days as we have headed slowly south. It started in Maine and has not stopped the whole way. We have deliberately gone off the interstate highways into the little secondary roads to see the most of the New England experience as we could …and it paid off.

We spent every day passing through small villages each with white steepled churches and all the forests which surround each village were awash in colour….i could go on but instead I have attached a number of photos to give you an idea.

As I send this we are just about to arrive for our last night on the East coast before we set sail for Churchill Manitoba to hopefully see some polar bears and then further across to Banff an Jasper NPs in Alberta before arriving back into Vancouver to spend a week with our friend Bob and Jen. So until the next time…enjoy the photos cause we LOVED New England.

Additional photos below
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