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August 29th 2012
Published: August 29th 2012
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Oh does it ever rock! Our first attempt at anchoring on the rocks resulted in a bent point to our hefty Mansson. Now re-anchored in a nice curvey, sheltered harbour, Melodeon is very busy doing 'the pony' as ocean swells compete to fill up the harbour cup. In boating terms 'sheltered' means you're lucky if there's a patch of land on 2 or 3 sides, with prevailing winds coming from the land side. We're situated in a classic, jig-saw puzzle style rock basin with a huge, semi-submerged breakwall making up the fourth wall a mile or two off. Should be ideal but we noticed that one bunch of sailors got fed up with the rock n'roll pace and fled this morning at 3 am.

I must admit thiat this is another touristy town, with surely the highest density of art galleries in the world, maybe barring Paris. The first 2 days here were idyllic. The $10, 1 1/4 pound lobsters are a perfect incentive to linger while we wait for smoother seas to continue north or east.

Even the elegant white begging swans that make the rounds of the boats in the out harbour are intriguing. I swear they can count and keep schedules. There are 2 males, a junior and a seniour and 5 females. The 2 males ride herd or uh, flock, at each end of the group, making sure the females are getting the food they need as we toss down bread from the boat. This was a new challenge for Ginger, who is smart enough to keep her distance from strange creatures until she knows they are leaving or she's sure she can win. These swams knew better than we how to imposed the cone of silence on our feisty terrier. After being hissed up one side and down the other by the males, she chose silence. After our bread offerings ran out and the swans started to depart, she foolishly tried a volley of back-barking. The big male was more than pleased to race back and offer to fight her. Wonder what she would have done if he had risen out of the water to make his point. I'm guessing they'll be back this aft and Ginger will be more discrete.

Tomorrow looks like a good day to do another bit of northward coast hopping. Keep you posted as best we can. Today
Artists' materialArtists' materialArtists' material

Town dingy docks are plentiful!!
we are thanking the downtown public library for the wonderful wifi.

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Older UU groupOlder UU group
Older UU group

This one has a thrift store.
Evening sail pastEvening sail past
Evening sail past

Martha's Vineyard
Playing Scruples on the aft deck.Playing Scruples on the aft deck.
Playing Scruples on the aft deck.

A good game for discussions.
Classic sailboat Classic sailboat
Classic sailboat

Sailing trumps motor boats in this neck...
Kelp floatingKelp floating
Kelp floating

Beds are breeding grounds for white flounder
Folding KedgeFolding Kedge
Folding Kedge

Our rock anchor on stand-by
Rockport: shops, galleries,Rockport: shops, galleries,
Rockport: shops, galleries,

historic buildings and gorgeous flowers
Sheltered new harbourSheltered new harbour
Sheltered new harbour

Nice for the smaller boats
Always gruesome storiesAlways gruesome stories
Always gruesome stories

Tourists need to hear it all!
Weather satelliteWeather satellite
Weather satellite

Lighter blue areas = higher waves.
Waterproof backpackWaterproof backpack
Waterproof backpack

An essential, especially for elecrtronics.

29th August 2012

Chris and Frank, you'll have stories for the rest of your lives! Love the pix, expecially "artists' material." Stay safe on your northward journey. K.
29th August 2012

Yum! Have a few for me!
29th August 2012
Classic sailboat

The colours are ethereal, serene, divine; evoking a long sigh. Ah ......

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