Martha's Vineyard

Published: January 30th 2007
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Newport to Martha's Vineyard

Staging AreaStaging AreaStaging Area

My bike was experiencing an inferiority complex not being parked with the cars so I decided to park him in the line with the autos. He cooperated and ran much better the rest of the day!
Got up around 7 and headed for Martha’s Vineyard around 8, which is a little over an hour drive. Since it’s the Winter only one ferry is running at Woods Hole. The boat is cool and holds about 20 cars and lots of people. They charged me $6 round trip to take my bike. Talked to a local plumber who lives on Martha’s Vineyard during the ferry crossing. He has been there his whole life. He said there are more people there now days, but said it is good for guys like him because he gets some of the new resident's money to do work for them. As a result he says he has more money now. He said there are a lot of deer there. He said he use to hunt them, but doesn’t anymore. His son hunts deer. Lots of geese there like Newport. The ferry ride was about 45 minutes. Got off in Vineyard Haven (Tidsbury) and road to Oak Bluff. In Oak Bluff I biked through a gingerbread house area, which surrounds a Methodist Tabernacle. Took a lot of pics of those houses. A lady said they use to not let Catholics own the houses, but they
Ferry Cargo AreaFerry Cargo AreaFerry Cargo Area

Everything must be ferryed are flown to Martha's Vineyard.
do now. She said she thinks that rule was ridiculous. Stopped at a microbrewery and had lunch and a beer. They were brewing that day and the aroma of the hops was wafting through the air. I was in heaven. From there biked to Edgartown and then to South Beach. Got a seat cushion in Edgartown as my butt was feeling the effects of two consecutive days of biking. The cushion wasn’t helping much. South beach faces the Atlantic Ocean. It is a great beach, but was extremely windy. Saw some goose decoys in one field and saw 5 geese fly and sit down amongst them. Either no one was there hunting or they were actually live geese and not decoys at all. Some of the geese looked so big I thought for sure they had to be decoys. Still not sure about that. The oak trees on Martha’s vineyard are not very big because of the rocky terrain I suspect. Kind of reminded me of Southern IL and MO. Road back on a different bike path to Vineyard Haven and down to the ferry around 5:00. Lots of workers were getting on the ferry. Saw construction workers and spoke
Buoy Christmas TreeBuoy Christmas TreeBuoy Christmas Tree

I thought the Christmas tree buoy was pretty cool!
with a computer salesman. He recommended things to see in Boston. Got off the ferry around 6:00 put my bike in the truck and headed back to Newport. Got back to Newport about 8:00 pm as I had stopped for supper along the way. Showered and went back to O’Briens.

Additional photos below
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Fishing TrawlerFishing Trawler
Fishing Trawler

I thought this fishing boat was pretty cool. I don't think these guys are going out to set out a few trot lines or do some tight lining.
Gas PricesGas Prices
Gas Prices

I am glad my bike does not require gas!
Matha's Vineyard HospitalMatha's Vineyard Hospital
Matha's Vineyard Hospital

Fortunately, did not have to use these directions.

Lighthouse on Martha's Vineyard.
East Chop LighthouseEast Chop Lighthouse
East Chop Lighthouse

Lighthouse Sign
East Chop Lighthouse - Pic 2East Chop Lighthouse - Pic 2
East Chop Lighthouse - Pic 2

Picture of my bike with the East Chop Lighthouse in background
Martha's Vineyard CliffMartha's Vineyard Cliff
Martha's Vineyard Cliff

My bike rode around the cliffs for awhile, but I wouldn't go with him.
Cool RestaurantCool Restaurant
Cool Restaurant

Restaurant on the water's edge.
Gingerbread HousesGingerbread Houses
Gingerbread Houses

There is a Tabernacle on M.V. and the members built these Gingerbread houses all around the Tabernacle.
Cool RestaurantCool Restaurant
Cool Restaurant

Restaurant on the water's edge.
Gingerbrad House Pic 2Gingerbrad House Pic 2
Gingerbrad House Pic 2

See the gingerbread man?
Gingerbrad House Pic 3Gingerbrad House Pic 3
Gingerbrad House Pic 3

I estimate there were close to a hundred gingerbread houses around the Tabernacle.
Tabernacle Tabernacle

The Gingerbread Houses are built around this facility. This facility was definitely the focal point of the community.
Martha's Vineyard MicrobreweryMartha's Vineyard Microbrewery
Martha's Vineyard Microbrewery

They were making beer the day I was there and the place smelled awesome. Someone should make candles that exude a hops aroma!
Microbrewery ShirtMicrobrewery Shirt
Microbrewery Shirt

I liked this shirt, but didn't want to fork out the dough to make it my own!
South BeachSouth Beach
South Beach

South side of Martha's Vineyard faces the Atlantic Ocean. The Beach is pretty cool there.

30th January 2007

are you still riding that Wal-Mart bike? Not to be nosey, but how did you work out your employment situation back in Carlisle? this sounds to be a pretty permanent thing. I wish you well and will try to keep in touch. Best Regards, Keith
31st January 2007

Actually it was a Toys-R-Us bike. My new bike does a pretty good job. Unfortunately, it doesn't pedal itself. Got about 25 miles in today. Rode to Honeymoon Island. Lots of Osprey there. L8tr!

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