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June 30th 2011
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"Boston Sucks, New York Sucks, This Whole Issue is a Bad Idea"
One of the characteristics that attracted me to Boston, Massachusetts was the pride that radiates from this city. Bostonians LOVE Boston. Akin to the patriotism and passion I have seen from fellow travelers toward their home countries, Bostonians are proud of their city, their culture, their history, and have known to be a bit..overprotective of their territory.

Despite haults in traffic, riot warnings, liquor license restrictions on bars, and a couple worried phone calls from my father; I would have been damned to not be downtown Boston during the Stanley Cup Final watching the game in the belly of the beast.

On June 15th, I crammed myself on to the Red Line and booked it to Boylston St. where the sidewalks were filled with fans in black and yellow scouting for good spots watch the game or waiting for entry in the many long lines stretching down the street. Lir Tavern wasn't packed to capacity (yet) so my girlfriend Constance and I found an opening standing by the far corner of the bar. The game began and we sat wide eyed, chewing our fingernails in front of the screen.

That night the Bruins won the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1972 against the Canada Canucks. The city went wild. Chanting ensued, beer and champagne rained down upon us in celebration. It was an emotional moment for Boston locals and Bruins buffs alike.

The Bruins would be "bringing home the cup" from where they played in Vancouver. The sports culture of Boston has become legendary due to our teams successes as well their dryspells and shortcomings. The latter has instilled a paranoia in dedicated fans who perform rituals in hopes of better luck. Superstitions for hockey fans have made the men in Boston stop shaving. Many to sport an awkward, out of character beard once their team enters the play-offs. A tradition that began in the 1980's, men allow their beards to grow until their team is either eliminated or wins the championship. Bostonians are resting a little easier now that the years of curses and voodoo have seemed to pass with their professional sports teams now holding seven championships in eleven years an accomplishment christened by Sports Illustrated as the "Grand Slam of North American Sports". ("Bruins championship give Boston Embarassment of Riches" by Dan Shaughnessy

While visiting, wander into one of the many sports bars where locals post up to follow their favorite teams. Here are three of the top places to go in Boston to catch a game even for the fair-weather fan:
1. Boston Beer Works- Great beer, vibrant atmosphere, with multiple locations including one right next to Fenway Park where the Red Sox play.

2.The Fours- As one of the country's first sports bars as well as rated #1 sports bar in America by Sports Illustrated, they have to be doing something right..

3. Mc Greevys- WIth customers that defined an era such as the likes of Babe Ruth, gambler "Sport" Sullivan and JFK's grandfather "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald, McGreevy's continues to be popluar venue to celebrate your teams.

Or contact these websites to find out more about attending a game:

*Travel Tip: The Boston bar scene is also known for such raucous behavior during and after games that drinking laws are strict and subject to change during the preparation of a sporting event in order to control what chaos is anticipated.

The nightlife in downtown Boston is vibrant and energetic. However like any place where large amounts of alcohol are being consumed, be aware this is the land of bar fights.

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If anyone has photos of that night in Vancouver, please share!

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The love for the game.. The love for the game..
The love for the game..

Many men and sometimes women grow up playing hockey in MA, many continuing to play throughout their lives.

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