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February 22nd 2006
Published: February 23rd 2006
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Did Surya sneak any extra electronics in here?!Did Surya sneak any extra electronics in here?!Did Surya sneak any extra electronics in here?!

Melissa does some last second mental checking of the goods...
Here we are! After more than a year in the planning, we've finally reached day 0 of what we'll call from here onward "The Trip" (very mysterious, yes?). We spent the last 2 days before leaving on a 6 pm flight to LA furiously packing, organizing, and last minute wedding planning. It was like being on call for your life, with a steady stream of action coming in the door and not enough time or nurses to take care of it all. We stayed awake for these last 2 days, not because we were trying to get a crazy adrenaline-junkie start to things, but because ... between the wedding planning and work and my bachelor party last weekend (!) we needed every last ounce of time to dot the i's and cross the t's. But now, it's done and WE'RE OFF!!

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In her cocoon ...In her cocoon ...
In her cocoon ...

It took about 90 minutes for Melissa to go to sleep for the rest of the 6 1/2 hr trip to LA, where we're now stopping over at Ying's (Melissa's old roommate) new and beautiful place for the night before heading to Sydney tomorrow ... wow! Tomorrow we'll have our last cup of American Joe for awhile at The Coffee Bean outside Ying's door!

23rd February 2006

23rd February 2006

did you get this reply? I signed up as directed.
24th February 2006

Hi, Hope you are more rested and looking forward to seeing more pics!!! Love to you both

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