May3 Pine Knob, MD to Devils Racecourse Shelter, MD 13.4mi

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May 10th 2009
Published: May 10th 2009
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We didn't have a bad night. The tent spot was level and well drained. It took to past 9PM for us to get comfortable and settled. All was peaceful until the rain drops started around 2AM, they came and went until 6AM when it got serious. CC was nothing more than an orange fluffy mound. I figured I'd let her set the roll out time, that was around 8:30AM.
We found that by down sizing our stuff we can pack everything into our packs without leaving the tent. One person packs at a time, but it keeps all the important things dry. I packed first, then headed off for breakfast cooking detail. CC stayed in the tent getting all tickyboo whilst I chatted with the fellows who had just walked in. By the time CC had all her packing done and walked to the shelter breakfast still was not cooking. If looks could kill! Not really there were too many people milling around to cook out of the rain. Two men with three young boys were there cooking in addition to the three fellows who had spent the night. What made it bad was the picnic table was not under cover and the cooking table was small. Folks started filtering out to the trail and we had a chance to sit and eat with no one else at the shelter. CC had a great idea of bringing the tent into the shelter for packing. This way the tent wouldn't get rained on. We got the fly off and folded with little water getting on the tent. Man am I glad I brought her along!
We headed up the trail at 10:30AM, a bit late, but it was still raining and motivation levels weren't real high. Our first task was to get up the mountain. It was good to loosen up those tight muscles and get the boiler to generate heat. We were both in full rain gear all day. The racers from yesterday were lucky not have this weather. The rain came and went, we slogged on. Made 8.1 miles to the next shelter by 2:30PM where we stopped for our lunch break. Thought the rain had quit, but it was just a tease. More rain to walk in.
The last climb to our shelter was a killer about 700' up through very large boulders and was it steep. Once on top we ridge ran for about a mile and saw the sign for the shelter. Three tenths of a mile back down the mountain. Some times the trail designers are just mean. The up side was we have the shelter to ourselves. Tent is inside and there is laundry hanging everywhere in hopes of it drying some before morning. The rain is still coming and going, but we are snug in our bags for the night. The walk back up the mountain in the morning is not a pleasant thought right now. Come morning the thing will look a bit better after a good sleep and hot oatmeal.

Patrick, Deborah Mooney aka OD & CC
All Who Wander Are Not Lost


14th May 2009

Keep ON!
Hey you guys, I'm enjoying reading your blog. It makes me feel like I'm right there along with you! Stay Dry.

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