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March 6th 2008
Published: March 6th 2008
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So tomorrow is the big day! Me and my team will be starting our drive down to Waveland, MS. We are going to have 2 looooong days because we are doing the whole 20 hours in just two days of travel. We do though get to stay in a hotel tomorrow night so I hope they have a pool! It defiantely will be stressful so I hope my team is able to handle it! Im just thankful for my awesome abilities to sleep in weird places.
Today we are doing our briefing with the regional director. We have to do a presentation about where we are going. What was interesting for mw to find out was how the county we will be working in was about 90% white before the storm. Its like an artsy fartsy type town which is really cool I here. Imr eally excited to get there because it will be a much needed change of pace. The living conditions will be a small bunk house for my team. We don't have plumbing so we will be using porta poties and me showering in showers that are little stalls outside. What is going to be fun is that there is HUNDREDS of volunteers in the Gulf right now because it's spring break and there will be a couple hundred living in the same volunteer camp as us.
Something exciting.... My position as the team CAPper (I also have a partner but I do all the work...) I am a recruiter they did though create a position for one capper per unit (80 people) is the service role coordinator which means I am sort of the point of contact between all 14 CAPpers in the unit... anyways yeah a beat out a few people for this role which was really exciting for me.
Some other thing I am interested in doing is this thing called the Gulf Liason Team, this is a what they cal a composite team which means I will be working with like 7 others Corps members from all the different campuses. I won't even be able to apply for this for a few months but basically it is awesome and would be a great opportunity for me.
Dear lord I have FINALLY have fitted all of my things into the small red bag that they give us. This has been espeshilly hard since we probably won't even be back to Maryland until July! This project though only runs 6 weeks, and to make sure everyone knows I am working with building and leading volunteers with Habitat for Humanity.
I also did a really cool project this weekend in Philly, we hung door hangers or this non profit, me and my partneer hung a total of 780 tomgether, it was neat though to walk around the streets.
My team is pretty great, we are all really anxious to just leave and get down to the coast so it has been a bit snippy lately. Today will be a crazy whirlwind of meetings and packing, moving out of the dorm and saying our goodbyes. Its weird to think I will be not seeing these people i have seen everyday... anyways gotta run, always busy! Oh and thanks for the comments and messages I love them. Also if you want to send mail i would LOOOOVE IT!
Victoria Felt
AmeriCorps NCCC Badger 7
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