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July 24th 2012
Published: July 27th 2012
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Just a quick note...Irma and I have been playing with this thing....and are trying to get were we need to be, to see all the work your doing...I'm not sure were the disconnect is.

Hopefully as Irma and I have both sent you "invites" via the "Private Invites" on this site so you can see what we may post....I'm thinking maybe it will help if you sent us invites via that method as well.

We worked on trying to get to your site...previously and tonight together on the phone, however there seems to be ...yes some disconnect..as while we can pull up your "username"...there is a prompt to "log in again"...which loops us back to our own "home page"...with still nothing to be found about viewing yours.

Please feel free to provide any guideance...I'm kinda lost apparently......hope to hear from you soon.

UncleSteve and AuntIrma


27th July 2012

You are still listed as a New Blogger
which may limit your capabilities on this site. I am a moderator, and one of my jobs is to reject bloggers who are spammers trying to sell something. I don't think you are a spammer so will accept you as a blogger. If you still have problems with fiends and family subscribing, please go to the Forum for general support and identify the problem so that we can fix it. Anyway, welcome to Travelblog. We look forward to your blogging about your trips.

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