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North America » United States » Maryland » Frederick June 30th 2020

Up and walking by 5:30, so we actually saw the sunrise this Tuesday morning at 5:41 am. Reds and then oranges burst into the clouds making for a colorful expression of nature. Having fun with the kids doing TikTok videos, check the one having fun in the pool. I decided to try one for myself - lol! What do you think! Spending the days by the pool, my tan is looking really Floridian. Too badI have to leave Florida to take the time to relax and spend sometime in the sun. Todd and I have been having a Sequence Challenge over the last 10 days, I finally caught up to him and am now ahead of him 17-16 games. Tonight we finish, wish me luck. Tomorrow is a travel day. Heading to MA to see ... read more
First Glimpse of Sunrise
Deeper and darker reds and purple
Orange becomes more prominent as the sun rises higher

North America » United States » Maryland » Frederick June 29th 2020

Awesome weekend at Hotel Edwards! The breakfast wraps here are unbelievably delicious. Todd is chief cook and bottle washer and come to think of it laundryman, gardener and all around great Dad. Dinners are also amazing, like the Cod and Veggies we had for dinner last night! I'm loving the morning walks, the air is cool and the mountains are a nice change from Florida! My days are spent with grandkids at the pool, making cookies, and sharing meals. The sunset walks are even more spectacular! Tonight's was especially beautiful! When I got back I found Renee out practicing here Lacrosse. She plays in tournaments all over the east coast. Hopefully one day she'll get a scholarship with her field skills!... read more
Sunday Dinner Cod with Cajun Seasoning
Cod Fillets with Cajun Seasoning
Veggies cooked on the Grill

North America » United States » Maryland » Frederick June 27th 2020

Family Fun is the best fun! Morning walks, wild life viewing, swimming in the pool, and walking through the gardens on the grounds are all spectacular ways to spend my days. The flowers in Michelle's Gardens are blooming beautifully. The highlight of Saturday night was the Edwards/Gouker 3rd Annual Ice Cream Off. Todd made Sea-salt Caramel and Cherry Garcia ice cream and Don made Caramel Crunch and Mint-Chocolate Ice cream Pie. The winner for the third year in a row was Don Gouker, with his Caramel Crunch. Todd's Cherry Garcia came in second. The sky was a glow this evening with PINK. The end to a perfect day.... read more
Hazy Sun
2 Deer
Cat-O-Nine Tails

North America » United States » Maryland » Frederick June 25th 2020

Climbing the ridge this morning on our walk, Todd and I saw the Albino Deer! He was just standing there posing for us in between the trees. What an amazing site! It's great spending time with the grandkids. Rachel worked most of the day at her job at CVS. She has been promoted to Shift Supervisor. This young lady just graduated from high school and she is heading to Duke University in August. Renee and I had some bonding time together today. She is the most fun for me and we are a lot alike! We bought the other kids M&M's and bought ourselves some Starbuck Frappuccinos and our own small containers of ice cream since Moore's Ice Cream Shoppe is still closed. It was a beautiful afternoon to spend in the pool, and most of ... read more
Albino Deer
Herd of deer
Rachel Marie - CVS Manager

North America » United States » Maryland » Frederick June 24th 2020

The girls are finally home for the next week! The boys are happy and so is Grammy! The boys and I drove down to Baker Park and walked through the park and along the Carroll Creek River. We saw loads of Canadian Geese and ducks along the river including four baby ducks being safe-guarded bother Mama. Frederick was founded in 1745 and is now 275 years old. There is a lot of Civil War History in the area. I am not in favor of tearing down all the monuments. I think we need to learn from the mistakes of the past and not pretend it never happened. Let's keep our history in tact and teach the mistakes we made to our school children so they can learn how to change the world to make it ... read more
They were hiding in the nest
Swimming with Mama
Canadian Geese

North America » United States » Maryland » Frederick June 23rd 2020

Leaving Myrtle Beach behind early this morning, I spent the whole day driving north and west through North Carolina, Virginia, through Washington, DC and into Maryland. I hit an hour long delay on 495 getting around DC. Eight long hours of driving - Ugh! I hate traffic - LOL! Michelle's girls are at their father's, and they have a new baby brother, Ryder. Todd's boys, Ryan and John are here for summer vacation and it's great seeing them. Ryan is 16 and John is 14 and they are both into Star Wars. We played a family Sequence game, and now the boys are playing Star Wars video games in the family room. Tonight is going to be an early one for me. Time to catch up on some well needed sleep time!... read more
Welcome to Virginia
Welcome to Maryland

North America » United States » Maryland » Frederick June 23rd 2020

Up at 5:30 and out the door with my walking-partner, my son-in-law Todd Edwards. Michelle runs every morning (I am so proud of her). It was eerily foggy this morning, but that didn't deter us. As we climbed up to the edge of a ridge, we saw deer in between the trees, including an albino deer that frequents the hills here in Braddock Heights! I got my camera out too late, but will be keeping my eyes open and camera ready for the next time. Both Michelle and Todd work from home in their respective offices. Michelle has a little aquarium in her office where baby snails were just born. They are so tiny! John and I kept busy on this cloudy and gray morning with a couple of games of Sequence. We have that big ... read more
The ridge where I missed the shot of the Albino Deer
Sun burning through the fog
Baby snails

North America » United States » Maryland » Frederick July 24th 2012

Mika, Just a quick note...Irma and I have been playing with this thing....and are trying to get were we need to be, to see all the work your doing...I'm not sure were the disconnect is. Hopefully as Irma and I have both sent you "invites" via the "Private Invites" on this site so you can see what we may post....I'm thinking maybe it will help if you sent us invites via that method as well. We worked on trying to get to your site...previously and tonight together on the phone, however there seems to be ...yes some while we can pull up your "username"...there is a prompt to "log in again"...which loops us back to our own "home page"...with still nothing to be found about viewing yours. Please feel free to provide any guideance...I'm kinda ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Frederick June 13th 2012

Just 3 days to go till we leave! Em and I get to share one big suitcase since each additional bag costs a fortune. Matt got all of his into a carry-on; way to go Matt!... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Frederick April 28th 2012

Got up at 6:30am. Shanthi left for work at 6:45am. She had made idly for breakfast which we had at 8.GS made some fresh orange juice for us. 9 to 10 R and Viswam played Nathan56 with four other players from India/USA. Shanthi was back by 10:30 and we all went to Costco and --to pick up some groceries. Lunch at 12:45..kurma, rasam, keerai, Prawns and brinjal-drumstick fry. At around 2:45 left on a long drive to the Naval Academy. Met Kisshan and looked around a bit. On the way stopped at a mall and R had a proper Sub sandwich there. We had frozen yoghurt. Rashmi was back home shortly after us. After dinner R and Kisshan played TT. Then THIS IS IT movie in the home theater. We had watched the first 20 mins ... read more
Outside Shanthi's house.
fresh orange-apple juice
Outside Costco.

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