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July 13th 2009
Published: July 13th 2009
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I am new to this site so please inform me if something isnt right.

I currently live north of Bangor, Maine. I love horses and the outdoors. I am currently working as a housekeeper at a hospital in Bangor and I am dreading every day I have to go in. I have been offered a job in Kennebunk, Maine working with horses and kids. It is good pay and something I really enjoy. Now my problem is me and my boyfriend of 3 years are in the process of buying a house. I am not making enough money right now to pay 1/2 the cellphone bill, 1/2 the house payment and my car insurance that is through the roof because I am a new driver.

This new job would pay for all of that and then some, but I would have to stay down there for 5 days a week and come home for 2 days. Is this going to ruin our relationship? I personally think it will make us stronger as we are with each other all the time when we are not at work. Sometimes a break for me is a good thing for a day or two.

He says it is a good idea but I have a feeling he is jsut saying that to make me happy because he knows I love horses and kids. I am looking at the money aspect of everything because we sure could use it right now and we are both very loyal to each other.

Anyone have any ideas or any advice on what I should do?

Thanks =)


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