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North America » United States » Maine » Bangor July 12th 2018

Departed Bangor, ME for our final destination. The trip has been great so far. No major issues and perfect weather and traffic. The weather was actually much cooler this morning (around 57). Very nice!! As usual, got an early start and headed out. When we crossed into Canada, during the first 200+ miles, I think we saw 10 cars! Not many people headed in the same direction (there was more traffic on the road west). We arrived at our friends' house without any issues. The GPS worked perfectly! Trip info: Two countries today :-) 480 miles Total trip 2,132 miles and about 32 hours... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Bangor July 27th 2016

We stayed in a park about 2 miles outside of Bangor called Pumpkin Patch RV Resort. Had really poor cell and Wi-Fi service so that is why I got so far behind my blog posts. It was probably some procrastination on my part also; I seem to have motivation problems in retirement. We went to Fort Knox and the Penobscot Narrows Bridge Observatory. The observatory is 420 feet and 42 stories and the tallest occupied structure in Maine. The observatory had an elevator to take us up to almost the top. I then had to climb about 20 steps but they had a lift that took Bonnie up the rest of the way. The view from up top was amazing of the river, bridge, bay, countryside and Fort Knox. After coming down from the bridge we ... read more
Bridge from ground
Bridge from Observatory
View from observatory to town

North America » United States » Maine » Bangor July 20th 2016

Our first stop today was the town of Plymouth. We drove down to the waterfront to see a replica of the Mayflower and the infamous Plymouth Rock. The Mayflower II seemed pretty spacious until to realized that there were over 120 people and all their stuff on board for a 66 day voyage. We talked with a few interpreters who were playing the parts of the crew on the ship and then looked at the different sections of the ship. The First officer seemed to have gone a bit crazy from the sea, and the Captain spoke about death a lot. Next to the ship was a small portico that protected Plymouth Rock. There was a docent there talking about the rock. Apparently it wasn't a big deal until 120 years after the Pilgrims landed when ... read more
All Aboard
Plymouth Rock

North America » United States » Maine » Bangor July 21st 2014

Geo: 44.8017, -68.7708We began our travels in mid July. The first destination on our trip was a stop in Apex, NC to get a Memere fix with Danielle and Natalie. The second stop was in Chatham, MA on the Cape, where Steve played in a member/guest golf tournament with our son Scott, and I got another Memere fix with Maxwell, the mad man. On our way to the Cape, we spent a day touring Jamestown, RI and Newport, RI. Jamestown is an island located between the mainland and Newport in Narragansett Bay. We drove the entire perimeter of the island on a road that connects one seaside mansion after another, most of weathered cedar shakes, some visible from the road but many hidden behind gates and trees and over hills, secluded from public view. And if ... read more
Damaroscotta, ME
Samoset Resort and the famous breakwater
Samoset golf course

North America » United States » Maine » Bangor November 29th 2009

Great Day at Acadia National Park today. Left last night at around 12:30 and arrived in Bar Harbor around 6:30am. This was a great time to get in since the sun hadn't come up yet. We drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain first, but due to the stormy weather at that altitude visibility was about 15 feet. Not to mention it was icing out and had about 40mph gusts so it stung your face!! Once we left Cadillac mountain and passed the amazing waterfall shown (we stopped and took lots of pictures of course =) ). This was one of the most beautiful sights i'd seen in a while so I knew this place was going to be special. We got down from Cadillac and took the Loop road after exploring Bar Harbor a little ... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Bangor November 6th 2009

Bangor: The Queen City! Did you know that Dorilus Morrison, the first mayor of Minneapolis, was a Bangor lumber merchant in the 1840s? It seems that Maine-Minnesota connections go back a long way. On Halloween, I pedaled through town looking for some spoooooky decorations to photograph. I found a few houses that were decked out in creepy glamour. The trend seemed to be to throw spider webbing over conveniently located shrubs and hedges. Halloween was definitely in the air; it was somewhat chilly, and several small witches with brooms kept guard of their houses, waiting for darkness to descend upon their town. I took the required as asked-after shot of Stephen King's house. The house had been dark until this week, when I saw lights on a few nights ago. The house and yard are very ... read more
Spoooooky ghosties
A few blocks north
Here's some fright

North America » United States » Maine » Bangor October 16th 2009

Over a month ago I had the pleasure of enjoying my first strange event near my new home on the Eastern Seaboard. After years of training from watching Gilmore Girls, I moved to Maine with the expectation of odd East-Coast-small-town festivals and celebrations. Not that Minnesota is oddity-less, take the Garlic Fest or the Annual International Eelpout Festival as proof. A few weeks after my arrival in Maine, I had my first shot at interesting: the Great Bangor Rubber Duck Race. The thrill of the race was cut short for me as it was the same day I wound up visiting the ER for a lengthy period of time. However, my brief glimpse of duck racing was a brief glimpse of glory. The date: September 12 The time: Shortly before 10am Several minutes before the race ... read more
a few got a head start
i was caught off-guard. no announcement was made!

North America » United States » Maine » Bangor July 13th 2009

I am new to this site so please inform me if something isnt right. I currently live north of Bangor, Maine. I love horses and the outdoors. I am currently working as a housekeeper at a hospital in Bangor and I am dreading every day I have to go in. I have been offered a job in Kennebunk, Maine working with horses and kids. It is good pay and something I really enjoy. Now my problem is me and my boyfriend of 3 years are in the process of buying a house. I am not making enough money right now to pay 1/2 the cellphone bill, 1/2 the house payment and my car insurance that is through the roof because I am a new driver. This new job would pay for all of that and then ... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Bangor June 9th 2008

Met super people, Capt Paul, Airforce, and wife Janet while in NJ. Then we headed to Maine , "Boondocked" at LLBean in Freeport Maine. Did some shopping. Then off to the Acadia National Forest. Bar Harbor had lobster pounds along side the road where you could steam lobster at a picnic table. Bar Harbor, where the New England rich folks hang out, is a unique seaport. Wish we could whale watch but the weather was rainy and rough, and we had Princess with us. Scoped out Stephen King's home in Bangor, Maine. Liked the gargoyle-iron grate fence. Heading to Boston for grandaughter Megan's surgery on June 16. Boston Children's has done 38 of such surgery's since 1999 according to the Internet. Daughter Kathy and son-in-law David will need all our support. Prayers are appreciated. ... read more
Gargoyles, Stephne King's house
Schooner Bar Harbor Maine

North America » United States » Maine » Bangor June 12th 2007

Have downloaded some pictures so will enter those today. Raining today so will spend the time wandering the streets of Bar Harbor. Plan to extend at park campground for 2 additional days hoping to get some kakyaking and more bicycling in before we head north. Have been using laundromats along the way as needed, but David planned on us being able to be self-sufficient. Love watching him use the hand operated wringer devise he bought for the trip.... read more
National Park Campsitee in Acadia
David doing laundry with wringer apparatus

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