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July 3rd 2015
Published: July 4th 2015
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Cow FarmCow FarmCow Farm

One of the many ranches we passed.
...started with delivery trucks right outside our bedroom window. Not the kind of alarm clock I'd choose, but it worked. We got up and walked across the parking lot to McDonald's for another nutritious breakfast to fuel our systems. Luckily, the dirt we were parked in had dried overnight so breaking camp wasn't a muddy mess.

The day was spent driving highways instead of interstates. FYI...the Indian Nation Turnpike is a toll road between Henryetta and Hugo. One of the hidden benefits of driving the highways is skipping this. We drove through quaint towns and passed several large ranches with impressive houses. In one of the tiny towns we passed through, the stone foundations of the houses were crumbling, but the town had a shiny Sonic restaurant! In fact, nearly every town we drove through today had a Sonic. Not all of them had a McDonald's, but they all had Sonic. They also all love their local high school. Eagles, Bearcats and Tigers were seen everywhere.

Armadillo was again the roadkill of the day. A small turtle almost joined the menu, but it was in the opposite lane and the truck passing us managed to miss him. I was happy. Speaking of happy, we heard Pharrell Williams sing about how happy everyone should be at least FOUR times today. In fact it's running through my head as I type. Someone make it stop!! One of the drawbacks of being on the road all day is hearing the same songs again and again from city to city. Even the oldies stations play the same songs!

We crossed the North Canadian River several times and the plain old Canadian River a few. We drove over bridges spanning creeks with unique names such as Pine Creek and Muddy Boggy Creek (sounds like something the Soggy Bottom Boys would sing about). More cow farms and hay fields. I wanted to get a picture of the rolls (not bales) of hay so I could caption it "Hey!" Maybe some other time.

Okay, I've been blogging for probably five hours now between the one from yesterday and today's. I still need to go take a much needed shower. Two Wal-Marts and hot, sticky weather between showers is about our limit. Even with full hookups, we use the RV park's showers. So much easier than crouching in our tiny one in the rig.

Oh, I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog...Mike let me drive. Yes, that's right, he LET me. I drove most of the day. This time he got to put his head back and rest when he got bored or tired.

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Oil DerrickOil Derrick
Oil Derrick

Only a fraction of the derricks were pumping.

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