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August 4th 2010
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In a few months I will be travelling to the US of A! for the first time! I am very excited, where am I going? no not NCY, or Vegas, Miami? I instead I am hitting up the state of Indiana... People look at me strange when I say thats where I'm headed, " she does know thats not a very big tourist destination right?" Yes, I am aware..." well do you intend to travel anywhere else?""*sigh* Nope, I'm going all that way, literally, to the other side of the world and spending the whole month in Indiana...Yee Haa cowboy! I haven't really researched Indiana, I don't know what there is to do there, if anyone has any suggestions I am open to hearing them. I do however know it is going to be cold, very cold! I come from the tropics, so I have never seen snow, and that in itself will be an experience I cannot wait to have! I have never ventured that much further then the Australian shores, with the exception of New Zealand and a few South Sea Islands... I am told America is going to be a big culture shock...any tips anyone can give me I will accept greatly!


5th August 2010

Culture Shock
Hmm. I can't speak for the reverse culture shock, but I've only noticed three major differences between the U.S. and Australia. 1. People go their own pace here and don't seem to be fussed about deadlines. 2. People stand much closer to you than is typical in the U.S. 3. There are a lot of slang words which made it nearly impossible for me to understand people for the first few days. The biggest problem you will cultural problem you'll encounter will be the rushed paced. Indianapolis is a big city, and although I've never been there, most large cities in the U.S. share the "time is money, and you mustn't waste either" mentality. The Wiki article actually has a great summary of the city:
8th August 2010

wow thanks so much I will be sure to check the link out!! thanks for the tips as well, much appreciated :)

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