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May 23rd 2013
Published: May 24th 2013
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1. This article talked about an issue in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the third biggest seller or exporter of clothes for example Wal-Mart, TJ MAX, Jcpenny, ect. Just had a collapse and killed about 1,100 people. This eight-story building, there were only three floors that were legally built. This was a part of the cause of the collapse happening. The five other floors had the worker's lives in danger. 1,127 bodies were being recovered, and there was one worker who survived 17 days being stuck inside the building.

2. There were human rights that were violated because everyone "has the right to work... to just and favorable conditions of work" (article 23). Workers should feel and be safe in their working environments and be provided with medical help but this building was not up to this right.

3. I think that there should be more legal checks, to ensure that the factory is in good condition to have workers working there. The factory owners/government should pay the families of these workers. The workers were in dangerous environments, and these environments caused the lives of about 1,100 people. There has to be justice


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