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May 11th 2012
Published: May 19th 2012
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Day 2 Chicago - 11th May You would of thought we would be in bed all day today due to the jet lag, not sleeping for 24+ hours and being horrendously hungover from our first night out in Chicago and the USA, but due to from what I believe was that from what rich tells me is that I woke him up at 7.30 to tell him it was 9.30. Think I was dreaming or something. Either way we were both up early and a lot to do on little sleep.
The Chicago getaway hostel so far seems pretty decent. Very clean and friendly with wifi which is a saviour. We decided to walk into Chicago which was such a bad idea with scorching sun and crappy shoes on. We walked a very long way.
Whilst getting lost in town rich asked a lady which way something was to which she relied "I'll show you as I'm going that way". This lady was called Irene Remo and she kindly showed us round a lot of Chicago for the next 2hrs or so. I think it must of been the accents that she liked. Pretty much every one we have spoke to has said they love it. I reckon we are going to get pretty far on that alone.
After the long walk back to the hostel we hit a sleep wall and crashed pretty hard from 4 till 9 ish. Woke up, went to try some traditional Chicago hotdogs from down the road and then went straight to bed. Sleeping pattern is pretty messed up !
Also, had a massive slightly obese hairy eastern European man sleeping on the bunk above me. Joy!


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