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February 22nd 2012
Published: February 22nd 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

RIHLA #19 What are some of the reasons that books are banned in high schools? Do you agree with any of these reasons? Explain. -Some of the reasons these books are banned in high schools is because of sex, profanity, and racism. I don think kids should be able to read these things if they are not mature enough. And some kids might want to be reading these stuff but are not old enough and don't know about the stuff they read yet. What reasons do you NOT agree with (this means that you think high school students SHOULD be able to read about these topics). Why?-High school students should be able to read these books because they're old enough too and mature. Also these books have been banned because they aren't school appropriate. Who do you think pressures teachers on what they should or shouldn't teach? If one wanted to fight against book censorship, explain at least one way in which they could do so.-make a protest and show the pros about these books. The teachers might be scared of getting fired as well. Any other additional thoughts or comments? Yes. How is it that kids can't read these books but they can read anything or google stuff on-line.


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