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February 5th 2012
Published: February 7th 2012
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1.I kinda do agree with Castiglione's idea of an ideal man, but not completly. I think men should be noble and aware of those wround them in order to be respectful to them, but I also think men should have a little bit of greed and anger. The reason is that men who are gentle and noble dont have a lot of motivation to do big things in life. A man needs determination which is caused by his anger and greed, or decier, to obtain something. I do think there are some men like Castiglione's ideal men still around, but it's hard to find them.

2.I thing Castiglione wanted men to be like that because he was like that and he saw all the suffering the men who werent like him caused others. He probably reflected on himself and realized that he had a peaceful life, so he wanted every other man to live a life like his to make the world a peaceful plase.

3.I think you should lead with a little bit of both. You have to show your people that you care about them, but you should also show them that you are fierce when it comes down to it. This is best because people who feel that their leader doesnt love them, are most likely to find a leader that does and they wont be pinned down by fear for a long time. But you must also create a little bit of fear into them because love can always be influinced so you must have them fear you a little in order for them to rethink when someone is trying to influence them about weather to follow you oe not.

4.Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest leaders of all time, although what he believed in wasnt humaine, his style of leading made him, in my opinion, a great leader. Hitler lead his country by both fear and love. He showed that he loved his country because he was very patriotic and that made the people love him because they knew he wanted the best for their country. But he also lead by fear by showing them that he has the ability to destroy any force that stood between him and his objective. This lead the country to love hitler, or else they wouldnt have joined his forces and fought for him. Once hitler created an army, thats when he started to create fear into people, I also think people in general are naturally feared by someone who has power. Hitler had one of the greates leading styles in history, unfortinatly he used it for the wrong reasons and had those that feared him join forces in order to decrease their fear and stand up to him.


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