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May 28th 2009
Published: June 5th 2009
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I'm actually writing this on Thursday, June 4th, but as I've been driving along I kept realizing that I should have done more of a forward to this story. I keep remembering that this whole trip was inspired by my Dad, the man who passed on his wanderlust gene to me. Dad loved to travel and loved to drive; he who had been a truck driver for about 40 years. Probably every place I've been and every place I'm going, my Dad either went to or talked about going to. After retirement, he and Mom made a trip to Teton and Yellowstone and were planning to include Glacier when my Mom got sick and they had to go home. At least that's what I remember. My brother Ron, blessed with a better memory for all of our family events, can correct me if I'm wrong.

I know my Dad's dream was to drive to Alaska and he talked many times about what an adventure driving the AlCan Highway would be. Therefore, I'm dedicating this trip, in my mind at least, to my Dad. May he see the things he didn't get to see through my eyes.


5th June 2009

I didn't know I got my love of traveling and my love of driving from grandpa. That makes me feel closer to him!
5th June 2009

Ice Road Truckers
Staying on the driving premise, if you keep on staying in posh hotels up there, maybe you should sign on with the ice road truckers for a couple of runs up the arctic!!!! just call me first so i can come with!
6th June 2009

Ice Road Truckers
I've given it thought, but I want to stay married to Mom.
10th June 2009

Hey Bob!
Didn't even know you left. WOW! What a trip you are taking. How exciting. Hope you are taking lots of pictures. Jennifer
10th June 2009

Many, many pictures
I am having a great time and taking so many pictures I'm going to have to buy another 2 gb flash drive to store them.
16th June 2009

Loved my Alcan trip
Vince forwarded your blog to me as he knows how much I love Alaska and how much I enjoyed delivering an RV from the factory in Elhart, IN to the ABC RV rental company in Anchorage. One of the best trips ever...I truly envy you. Going to do it again...only this time slower!

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