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August 23rd 2015
Published: August 27th 2015
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…began with breakfast at McDonald’s. At least they were open when their hours said they’d be. On the road once more, our goal today was Cataldo, Idaho and the RV campground we frequent. Cataldo isn't on the list of Idaho cities in TravelBlog so I had to go with Kellogg...11 miles away.

Montana is beautiful country, even through the smoke of all the forest fires. As we drove out of Montana and into Idaho I started out the window at the passing landscape. Whenever we passed water I always imagined paddling my kayak around it no matter how big or small the body of water. We passed a small pond with six or eight little islands scattered throughout it. My imagination took off.

When we downsize the house we should get a smaller house on 2 acres of land so we can dig an acre and a half pond like this…so we can paddle around it…and one of the islands would be big enough to beach the yaks and lay in the sun…and we can put koi in it…can you imagine how big they’d grow?...the pond would be fed by an artesian well…and we’d have a really cool stream and waterfall built from the dirt and rocks from the excavation of the pond itself…and a solar powered pump to circulate the water…and a wide dock so we could sit and drink tea or coffee and enjoy the fish…

Yeah…that’s how my brain works.

We pulled into the campground and marveled at how it had changed. Gone was the dirt road loop around the exterior of the RV sites. Now a nicely paved route looped around not only the RV sites, but the “dry camping” area beyond as well. There was less grass to dig your toes into, but the tradeoff was no dust kicked up by passing vehicles. Another new item was a stone stairway down to the river. This will make it much easier to get the yaks back on land after a long day on the water.

We set up quickly, visited with the wife of the couple who own the park then walked the paved bike trail to the small restaurant about a half-mile away. Our last dinner on the road was relaxing and yummy. We had initially planned to spend two nights, but with the smoke causing poor air quality we decided to cut it short.

After quick showers, we walked up to the owners’ house and visited with the couple and their younger son for a couple hours. The couple’s older son is in the Air Force.

Tomorrow is the drive home.


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