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February 13th 2015
Published: February 13th 2015
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On February 8, 2015, my husband “Deke” said that he wanted to exchange Valentine’s Day gifts early. He brought out an array of swimwear then smiled. He stated that there was a reason for the swimwear; we were taking a surprise trip to Hawaii on February 12th for Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t help it; I shrieked with delight. I have never been to Hawaii.

As we fly over the Pacific, I think about what a lovely gift Deke has given us. Though Deke has stated that he “can’t be romantic all of the time,” he does a pretty good job of it. When I was at the nail salon yesterday, a beautiful, young woman stated that probably no one would ever give her such a nice a gift as I received from Deke. I don’t believe that this is true, as this particular young woman is especially beautiful. Still, Deke does especially well at the grand gesture.

We are going to the Kahala Hotel & Resort in Oahu. Deke has been there several times in the past, and while he was there a few decades ago, he had a tête-à-tête with a certain well known female. I’m hoping that I’m so wonderful, I can eradicate Deke’s memory of this starlet; but alas, I am fifty years old, and my efforts will only go so far (ha ha starlet--Deke married me and not you!).

For any of you who read my last blog, “Monique in Greece,” you will realize that I have changed my nickname to “Monique in Motion,” for I am no longer in Greece. During our last stop in Greece, Athens, Deke slipped and fell on wet marble and broke his patella. It cut our vacation a little short and Deke is still in physical therapy trying to recover. He couldn't bear to wear his cursed shoes that he slipped and fell in until today (but he added rubber soles; he’s not making that mistake again). Because of Deke’s Greek misfortune, he has declared that no one can do anything on this vacation wherein we can get hurt. This will be rough, as parasailing is on my bucket list.

Though I’m excited to go to Hawaii, I must admit that it is a bit of a cliché—the comfortable American taking his or her trip to Hawaii. However, I will endeavor to write an engaging blog.

Aloha until tomorrow—


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14th February 2015

Well aloha Monique! So glad you have made it to Hawaii and are now settled into the hotel. It looks just beautiful, and you will have an incredible time. A time so mystical, magical and downright mind blowing that Deke won't even remember his own name, let alone the name of a starlet hussy from long ago.
15th February 2015

Star Light, Star Bright
Thanks for your comments, Carolee! It is beautiful here, and I am almost convinced that Deke could forget Star Bright (well, it is fading).

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