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June 13th 2012
Published: June 16th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Okay so Day 2 didn't quite start out the way the way I planed. When I managed to pry my eyes open it was 11am !! Whoops !! Guess we were still adjusting to the time zone change.

But after a slow start, we packed up and jumped in the car and headed off to Lydgate Park. Its a really family oriententated park. There's a maze - tho we couldn't find it - a huge castle, a playground, sports ground, picnic & BBQ areas and 2 rock walled pools. The smaller one is for toddlers ... but we decided to try out the other one.

The sun was warm (about 30 deg) and the water was just awesome. As we were swimming around, we did spare a thought for all of you back home, but all those thoughts disappeared as we reach the side by the rock wall and found schools of fish swimming in just a few feet of water. Our only thoughts were 'Damn, should have grabbed some snorkel gear on the way'

There were a few different kinds - which I will need to consult a guide to identify - but there were zebra like fish, thin blue fish and lot of tiny ones like minnows. Maddy and I sat down on the rocks and after awhile the little minnow type ones came up to us. It was kind of hard to sit still as they brushed against us and nibbled a little, but we did our best.

We swam back to shore and laid down in the sun to dry off (couldnt go getting in the car all wet). I am not sure I remember the last time I sunbaked like that - and before you say anything, we were all lathered up in sunscreen and were only out there for about 20 mins.

Ok next stop. We headed to Opaeka'a Falls. Bit of a let down really. The impression given was that you could climb down and go swimming under the waterfall ... WRONG! Closest you could get was a scenic platform a long long ways away with a sign that said getting closer would be hazardous to your health. Disappointing.

OK net stop was to find a grocery store and grab a couple things we missed the day before. I was still coming to terms with driving on the wrong side ofthe road rfom the wrong side of the car, when the cry went up ... 'WALMART'... somewhat startled, I issed the turn off adn we had to take several back streets till we were able to get back there again. We love Walmart. I think it is partly the novelty of shopping in a place that we normally only hear about on tv - tho I think this time for Jordan, the experience was 'awesome' because the store stocked and sold air rifles. Talk about kid in a candy store. We grabbed a few extras and were back on the road.

We didn't get far up the road before we were pulling over for a photo op. What were we taking a pic of??? wait for it .... Taco Bell! That was a special favour just for Jack -soI hope he appreciates it lol.

It was actually a great place to stop as here was a mall across the road. Maddy and I got some great bargains at Macy's and they were all on sale. I must say one thing ... when these department stores over here decide to have a sale, they certainly go all out.

So that was about all the energy we had for the day. The sun was going down in about an hour and I wasn't ready to try night driving. Trust me,... Hawaii is all country roads and not a lot of street lighting ... wasn't quite ready for that yet. Besides we were going to need an early night for our adventure tomorrow.

Okay will try and add some photos. Could be that the internet signal (using wireless) isnt strong enough to publish them, but will try anyway.

*NB - still can't get pics up grrrrr


17th June 2012

Great reading
HI Cherie, maddy and Jordan, Great to read of all your adventures. Makes me feel quite envious! Its quite cool here today and now I need to go to school to prepare for parent interviews. I guess you have heard the news of the birth of Cooper James Minge to Ben and Jayme. All doing well. Jeff retires next week, finished with the kids Friday and now just a few more days with staff. Anyhow enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!
17th June 2012

Nearly the 19th!
Looks like your holiday is going along the 'normal' route....surprises around every corner, even if they aren't the type of surprise that you want. Never mind, they will just add to the stories. The beach certainly sounds lovely- last Mon it was minus 5, altho it has gotten a little warmer since then thankfully. Before I forget, Dennis Goulden passed away Fri- very sad. His funeral is Wed. Anyway, on a happier note, we look forward to reading more of your travels.....perhaps I should go there for my shopping trip & not Hong Kong....but I think the HK trip will have to go on hold for a little while too. Look forward to seeing some photos when u get the chance to put them up. Stay stfe & continue having lots of fun Love Dad & Terri

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