Published: June 20th 2017
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Wow, cannot believe it has been three days since I last wrote anything. Not that things have not been happening, just not much new. I think Jeanne is trying to turn me into an athlete, or at least get me in crazy good shape.With Larry fishing in a tournament the last three days, we have been getting pretty much exercise on our own. A sewage pipe broke downtown near the King Kamehameha hotel closing the pier and beach there to any activities for a few days. Meant we had to go somewhere else. Went to the community pool and it was great. Jeanne hit the lap lanes in the pool specifically set up for lap swim while I went to the other bigger pool. It was chopped up into several diffeeent areas using the blue lane markers. One section was for smaller children having lessons, the next for bigger kids and adults who just wanted to hang out in the water, and the last was for slower lap swimming and exercise. Robin, one of Jeanne's swim friends loaned me a flotation belt so while Jeanne was working on her laps I was doing deep water aerobics.She had to take off for a training session so I switched to her kick board and worked with that for awhile and then swam a couple of laps. The next day we went back to my favorite Hapuna beach. Jeanne swam ocean swim for awhile while I walked the beach. Then I spent about an hour just floating in the water. Do you see a picture forming here? I am so totally relaxed in the ocean here, spend way more time in the water than I realize. Yesterday was the last day of the tournament. Larry won the first two days on points. So while they were out for the last day I joined Jeanne and her run group. Do not get too excited, did not run, Jeanne ran 12 miles to start getting her mentally ready for this coming Sunday. The rest of the group only ran six. I walked the path. Someone, not sure if it was the developer or the city, built this beautiful pathway along the side of the mountain. I meandered upward but without too heavy a slope, past different colored plumeria, beautiful houses, some with really steep driveways, and in and out of neighborhoods all under shade. It was really humid, but I walked pretty far. We came back to the house to shower and then went downtown to go shopping. I was looking to find more of my seatbelt covers, by did not find any, so we wandered through the different shops and then along the waterffont to have lunch. I had eaten a sandwich while Jeanne was out walking the dogs after our run/walk, so I settled for my first lava flow, a real alcoholic drink - first of this trip, and an Alaskan Wild Berry Crumble with ice cream. The lava flow was nice, but the dessert was amazing. It came in about a cup sized ramekin. The crumbles were soft and sweet, the berries fresh and juicy, the ice cream smooth and vanilly and the whole thing was covered in whipped cream rosettes. We just finished when we go s call from Larry that they were headed in with a big Ahi and we needed to go get the cooler and ice. Had to walk back to the car and head out for the truck and our tasK. Got to the harbor just in time to see another boat unloading a 489 lb marlin. Unfortunately for him he had not enteed the tournament. Was not too bad for him though because a fish market guy came and bought it from him. Then one of the other boats came in with three Ahi, one weighed 184.5 lbs. Larry's was only 143.5, so the other guy took the third day, but overall, Larry and his team won. Second tournament in a row, and there are a lot more to come. Jeanne says I walked about 5 miles yesterday. Today we went back to the pier and I did deep water stuff again. Really rough this morning. Looked stormy out at sea, but only rough water. Then she and I hiked up the hill to get coffee, tea and bagels. Her friend Jennifer wanted to ocean swim, so I hit the calm beach at King Kam and swam and relaxed until they got back. We joined Larry and his crew for lunch and finally headed home. Days start around 5:45 here for me and end around 8:30. Never would have believed I would be asleep that early, but long days here. Now I am relaxing on the lanai, listening to the birds and the rustle of the palms. Aloha for now.


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