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October 23rd 2007
Published: October 23rd 2007
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How do you know when it's almost time to leave?

When you have already shipped the majority of your clothes and the movers have taken all of your long-term storage items! The cat is running out of places to hide and poor Inmate is down to only one toy! Only his Piggy will keep him company on the long flight 😊

Thursday and Friday the movers will be here to pack and remove everything else in the apartment for shipment. Unfortunately we still do not have any travel information!! Talk about coming down to the wire!! We're trying to get an extra week or two to allow more flexibility in our flight, but we've hit a dead-end. Our only contact for this type of request is a very unprofessional (and lazy!!) man. Since we haven't heard back from him (after asking for almost 2 weeks and at least 6 phone calls yesterday alone!) we have to just ship everything as if we leave next week. At this point, we are waiting on a single piece of paper! Ahhh, the bureaucracy. With that one piece of paper, we will be able to book our flight and Romas will be able to complete his out-processing.

Inmate is being evaluated tomorrow to re-certify as a therapy dog with Delta. His certification will expire this spring so we need to retest before we leave. He's been studying real hard...except he's been spending most of his time learning how to stretch on command! That definitely will not be asked of him tomorrow!

Romas is finishing up his class. Hopefully he'll be excused from graduation rehearsal and graduation with the impending move and the thought of random movers lurking in the apartment. We'll also be saying goodbye to his beloved car this week.

9 days until we have to check in on post in Schweinfurt!


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