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March 4th 2006
Published: March 5th 2006
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Alamo, not just a rental car companyAlamo, not just a rental car companyAlamo, not just a rental car company

"When are we going to see the basement?" "Honey, there's no basement in the Alamo!" -Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Howdy ya'll. It has been a little while since our last entry; so let me give you a quick recap. In the last week we've traveled through San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Hot Springs Arkansas (never heard of it? neither had we), Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville and we are now in Atlanta (some of you might know it as Hotlanta or the A.T.L.) The trek through the mid-south (turns out there is such a thing as the mid-south) has been an interesting adventure. Being ocean lovers, it is hard for us to imagine anything else but living near a huge mass of water. However, the land locked states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee have more than made up with its lack of waves with its hospitality, history and BBQ. Mmmmmm.....meat.

We began this episode by dipping back down into San Antonio, Texas, in order to remember the Alamo. However, our memories of the Alamo, due to Pee Wee Herman, are of massive guided tours, manikins making tortillas, and a non-existent basement. To our amazement, there is more to the Alamo than looking for a stolen bike. Interesting to note, the picture of the Alamo we all know and that
The SpazmaticsThe SpazmaticsThe Spazmatics

If you like Poindexter, Booger, Gilbert, and Lewis, check 'em out some time.
is shown here, is of the church. During the time of the battle, the church was within the walls of the fort and actually not that large a part of the battle. But, that is what has lasted and that is what Ozzie Osborn once peed on, so that is what is now famous. San Antonio is trying to secure itself as the "convention capital of the USA". Fortunately, there was no convention in town and we had the place to ourselves. Unfortunately, there was no convention in town and we had the place to ourselves. It can be nice not having to deal with crowds, but not bumping into more than 25 people throughout the whole city can be a little spooky too. We could see that the town would be fun during a convention, so if your business sends you, go, hit up the Riverwalk, and hope that the Spurs are in town.

After San Antoine (that is my best Texan accent), we returned to Austin and went out for a night of live music Austin style. Austin has come to be known as the place to go for live music on any night of the week.
Hamilton PoolsHamilton PoolsHamilton Pools

That Crazy Nature.
This fact was easily proven by the 5 page printout of live music event in Austin on a Wednesday night. Even Starbucks and Appleby’s had gigs on tap. We chose a Spazmatics show. If you don’t know the Spazmatics, envision the Revenge of the Nerds cast (the Nerds, not the Jocks) rocking out at the Greek Carnival at the end of the movie. They were awesome. Apparently Jessica hired them to play for Nick on one of his birthdays (You know, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lache, the biggest couple and non couple of 2005, stay with me here). Check out their website for more fun - www.thespazmatics.net

The following day we parted ways with Austin. Thanks to Shauna and Brad for showing us a great time. We definitely want to go back for the river tubing in warmer weather. Austin gets a high recommendation, for sure.

On the way up to Dallas we swung through the Hamilton Pools Texas State Park and enjoyed a nice interlude with nature. You can see from the picture that it is a freakish outcropping of land that drains water into the pool down below. Way to work it, Mother Nature. From there
The Grassy KnollThe Grassy KnollThe Grassy Knoll

Can you find Marisa?
we made our way to see our friend Debra in Dallas. The Lonely Planet gets it right as it describes Dallas as a city with so much “sheen” that it could almost blind you. Debra lives just outside the area of town called, Highland Park. Jerry Jones lives in Highland Park. Jerry Jones owns the Dallas Cowboys. Need I say more? Marisa and I tried to go on a run throughout the neighborhood but we found ourselves stopping at almost every driveway in amazement at the size of some of these mansions. I know, I know, everything is bigger in Texas, but this was ridiculous. Later in the day, we toured the Dealy Plaza. What is the Dealy Plaza, you might ask? It is only the epicenter of supreme conspiracy theorists everywhere. It was in Dealy Plaza that on November 22nd, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed. Shot by whom, you ask? Believe what you wish, but after seeing the whole scene first hand, it would have been one amazing shot from that window, from that trajectory, under those circumstances. It could have happened the traditional Lee Harvey Oswald way, but a second gunman behind the grassy

And she thought she would get away without a picture.
knoll could have definitely helped things along for the bad guys. That night, Debra invited us along with her work crew and soccer team. Drinks and a meal picked up by a typical, young, wanting to show off, investment broker and a bar known for its stiff drinks proved to make it a perfect night. Thanks Debra!

Oklahoma here we come! Did you know that the Oklahoma Sooners are named that way because the people who got to the land rush of Oklahoma first, came to be known as the Sooners? Well, now you know. We visited our friend Gary and his soon to be new bride Kristen in Oklahoma City. She is a Sooner, who is also a Sooner. Get it? She is from Oklahoma and will soon be married. I know, I know, if you have to explain it….. We went out for a gourmet meal at the locally famous, Deep Fork Restaurant, proved to be just what the doctor ordered. Again, mmmmmm…..meat. We visited the Oklahoma City Memorial and museum the next day. The Memorial and museum have been done exceptionally well. A somber experience, but also amazing to see how the local and national communities
Oklahoma CirtyOklahoma CirtyOklahoma Cirty

With our friends Gary and Kristen. Good luck in Vegas, dude! Oh yea, and congrats on the whole marriage thing too.
can pull together through times of crisis to help one another out through the most tragic times. On a much lighter note, Gary and Kristen thank you, have a great wedding and good luck in Vegas!

And now begins our question and answer period of the entry.
Q - How is the car holding up?
A - DJ Tango the Dirty Durango who likes to eat the Mangos, is doing just fine (knock on wood). We had to replace the front windshield due to a spider web crack, but other than that DJ T seems to love the road. And the Hawaii plates get some serious attention.
Q - Do we ever get lost?
A - Usually in the big cities it takes us a few, “Turn right there, stupid” and “Don’t you know your left from your right” comments until we eventually get to where we need to be.
Q - When will this end?
A - Never! Just kidding, we will probably end in LA sometime in mid-May. But until then, you better believe we are coming to a town near you!

After contemplating about where to go next, the town of Hot Springs, Arkansas caught
Oklahoma City MemorialOklahoma City MemorialOklahoma City Memorial

Very well done. The chairs in the background represent the people killed, smaller chairs for the children.
our eye. It turns out that Hot Springs, Arkansas, is America’s first resort. Not sure if they mean it to be first due to the Native Americans who used to frequent the thermal waters hundreds of years ago, or if they mean it as reference to the mobsters of the 20’s and 30’s who used to go to Hot Springs and indulge in the swanky bathhouses and hotels built to accommodate the high rollers. Either way, it is a serious blast from the past and a bit weird. Come on, the last thing you expect to find in the middle of Arkansas is a town filled with huge, 20’s style hotels, and a bathhouse row? We stayed for two nights indulging in the hot springs and trying to take a step back in time. They are trying to revive the town, but these days, going to Arkansas to take a bath, doesn’t exactly sound like the ideal vacation. Along the way through Arkansas, we stopped at the Clinton Library in Little Rock. Just finished in 2004, it is a very new and modern museum with tons of exhibits on the White house, the Clintons, and the 90’s decade in general.
Hot Springs, ARKHot Springs, ARKHot Springs, ARK

Fun to imagine with all the mobsters on vacation here.
If you are ever in Little Rock, you must go, partly because it is the only thing to do, but mainly because it is pretty darn cool.

“Graceland, Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee, I’m going to Graceland” - Paul Simon
That’s right folks! We made it! We reached our most anticipated destination. We came home! Well, at least I came home. Ya’ll (see, I’m getting it) know that I was Elvis in my former life, right? Honestly it was an eerie feeling being in my old house. Periodically, I closed my eyes and walked around like someone was whispering in my head, telling me where to turn and not to pump into things. Some might say it was the audio headphone guided tour, but I’m telling you, I got chills when I went through those front doors. Graceland is awesome! Marisa even liked it. The house itself is a blast straight out of the 70’s with its leopard décor, eight track players, and shag wall-to-wall carpeting. The museum also does a nice job of taking you through Elvis’ amazing life. Viva the King! Viva Elvis. Surprisingly, Memphis had a lot more to offer than just Elvis, the town has a very renewed feel to it with a great nightlife on Beale St., an art gallery row, and southern charm to last a lifetime. We checked out the duck march through the Peabody Hotel lobby, saw the Civil Right’s museum, and ate at Memphis’ own Charlie Vergo’s Rendezvous BBQ. I do believe I prefer wet ribs to dry ribs. We drove through Tennessee on our way to Atlanta and came to be very impressed with the whole state. Four large metropolitan areas (Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville) and beautiful county scenery made Tennessee a surprising top nominee for favorite state.

We are now in Atlanta visiting our friends Phil and Jane. We certainly hope all of you are doing well. If you live in Georgia, Florida, or South Carolina, here we come!

Additional photos below
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Clinton LibraryClinton Library
Clinton Library

I was dissapointed to see no McDonald's in sight.
My MeccaMy Mecca
My Mecca

Marisa wasn't too sure about Graceland, but can definitely see why I liked living there in my past life.
Elvis' TV roomElvis' TV room
Elvis' TV room

After hearing that LBJ watched all three network news casts at the same time, Elvis had this room built. And now we need about 10 TVs for NFL Sundays.
Civil Rights MuseumCivil Rights Museum
Civil Rights Museum

Kept the same since MLK died in the room with the wreath.

5th March 2006

hey, josh, you've got something on your chin there . . .
5th March 2006

Sounds like you guys are still having a blast! Love to hear the updates.
5th March 2006

you guys are the cutest! Reading your blog brought back some memories of my roadtrip throught the south and definitely gave me a sense of island fever and made me want to jump in the car and take a road trip. Glad you are having such a great trip! We miss you guys!
5th March 2006

Nice Facial Hair...
I have nothing else to say. :-) Miss you Josh, swing by Santa Monica on your way back.
7th March 2006

Past Life?
Does Elvis know?
18th March 2006

Enjoy while you can...
Back this AM from former Yugoslavia. Snow, tropical rain, 100 plus MPH wind and 3 days of sun but great rip. Looking forward to your stop in Arizona.

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