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February 17th 2008
Published: February 17th 2008
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Hello Friends,

We are starting to get ready for our African Adventure and doing a test of this travel blog thingy. I will set it up first by listing the cast of characters as well as some initial plotlines and then add an itinerary.

Cast of Characters:


I have been to South Africa (SA from now on) several times and loved it. This time I am armed with some real camera gear and about 30 lbs less body weight to drag through the bush. I am hoping this combo will result in teriffic photos and less huffing and puffing. I am most looking forward to roaming around Rooi Eils where my Mom has a home on the sea, hitting the wine country in the area, visiting Capetown -- the most beautiful city in the world, and, of course, safari in the bush at Bakabung in the Kruger National Park. I am most terrified of our planned Great White Shark cage dive (I have been a SCUBA diver since the age of nine but seeing Jaws in the theater as a youth has scarred me).

Only recently aquired a passport for a trip to Jamacia, this is my first true overseas trip. My enthusiam is mild today as my workload and paranoia about leaving my staff for over two weeks is my current concern. However, I am looking forward to the trip and am confident my excitement will grow on our 14 hour flight. I'm off to find a good hat that makes me look somewhat cool while still guarding my ivory skin from the African sun.


Dan's best buddy and friend since prep school 27 years ago (damn we're old). He is psyched about the sharks (a diver as well) and brings a certain calmness and philosophical bent to the party.

Pat (aka Dan's Mom)

Leader of our jaunt and Africa expert. She lived in SA for almost a decade and has a fab home near Capetown and a condo in Bakabung which will serve as our dual headquarters during the two week trip.

Dave & Amanda

Good friends and seasoned adventurers who just returned from Argentina and who travel lots and with enthusiasm


CAN Dan and his Mother coexist peacefully? Will the fact that they are so similar and love to argue politics (and anything else) at all times spell doom for the group dynamic?

WILL Adam actually make it through the metal dectectors at various airports given the amount of metal in his body?

WILL Amanda's aversion to red meat lead to death by malnutrition in a meat-centric society?

WILL Cathy's tendency towards stomach issues lead her to spend more time on the toliet than sightseeing?

WHO will actually get into the shark cage when the time comes?

WILL anyone be eaten by the local wildlife and, if so, will the group continue their adventure and pick the remains up on the way back to Atlanta?

The adventure begins Thursday! Come back for updates and photos.


18th February 2008

No worries
Dan and Cathy, you should have no worries... any couple who can get through a McLagan family Christmas with our 3 kids can handle the African wildlife with ease. Have FUN!!! We hope to join you on your jaunts in a few more years. Hi Adam!!!!
19th February 2008

Adding to the plotline
Seems like I'm expected to argue politics, just for the sake of keeping the plot going! And, it is difficult to stay away from the topic in politically vibrant SA. There surely will be adventures with this cast. Much more to come....
19th February 2008

go, slacker, go!
This is quite a surprise but a wonderful one. Cathy: best of luck with your first overseas trip. I'm so proud of you for leaving work to head off on this grand adventure. Hope it is the first of many more to follow... I look forward to hearing more from you (and your travelling mates) on the road. Cheers! SVM, the original Slacker

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