Day 15: Return to St Augustine!

Published: June 6th 2018
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North is the path & we’re headed up to St Augustine! We’re getting close to being out of Florida and time seems to just be going by so quickly! Today we rode 52 and my ride team was Raffi, NJ, Aiden, & Jess. I was excited to ride with Raffi and Aiden since I haven’t ridden with them yet! We packed up, had route meeting where I learned I got the silver medal 🥈 for sweep challenge yesterday, and got rolling. It only took my .5 miles to miss a turn and get us lost 😇 We turned around and we’re headed up old hwy 17 in no time. I continued to lead for 20 miles of hills & heat but I wonderful ride crew.

With my feet beginning to hurt around mile 20 (I get crazy pain if I don’t unclip every 10-20 miles), we pulled off at a gas station where I enjoyed some cashews & a gu while sweep caught up with us. We hung for a while and then got back in the bikes with NJ in the lead. We rode another 13 miles to lunch where we enjoyed a bike path and getting to hear about Raffi’s girlfriend Myra and about his family. At lunch we had a make-shift tent with some shade and enjoyed the cookies and cheez-it’s that Benson’s friends from his ME2SB14 trip donated, along with some left overs from the delicious chicken last night. We laid in the grass and shade for a while while enjoying some old school tunes that took us right back to high school! Eventually NJ & Aiden we’re ready to ride after discussing some leader thangs and we rode on.

For the next 18 miles, we learned about each other’s bad first date experiences and enjoyed some more bike paths! The last few miles definitely had more cars but I enjoyed riding on roads I used to drive on when I needed a road trip break or when I came up here for Sara’s bachelorette party back in November. We rode in and I was pumped that our location was very central to everything and right near Flager College. We set our bikes back in a playground & cued up for the lightless shower room.

Once showered, a few of us went exploring—stopping at Flager College (I got a “Gryffindor” pin for my camelback!), seeing the smallest road in the country (7ft wide!), and walking down St George St. I was able to get me, Kristi, Carly, & Noah into the fort since it’s a National park and I have a National Park Pass 🤗 We then met up with Raffi, Amanda, & Jana at the White Lion across the street where I enjoyed my first Bloody Mary! We went back to the host for pizza and chips & guac that Annie and Kristi managed to DM score for us before getting the whole crew to come out with us.

Though I tried to get us to go to the Ice Plant—a local favorite & highly recommended by both locals & myself—we ended up back on St George’s St and taking cover in the White Lion from a crazy hail storm! I enjoyed a drink there with my ride crew from the day before heading over to No Name Bar with our half of the crew to meet up with the other half to watch the Cavs game. We enjoyed talking with locals, drinking local, and playing the ring hook game. It was nice to have the crew and enjoying a nice time together!

Once it got close to curfew, we started our walk back to the host where I enjoyed crashing on a couch—a luxury we do not take lightly here in Bike & Build life! If nothing else, at least I don’t have to pump up my noisey thermarest with my foot...!

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Hail from the storm! Hail from the storm!
Hail from the storm!

Seriously? Hail in Florida summer?!

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