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December 19th 2013
Published: December 19th 2013
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What do you do when things go wrong? Oh! You sing a song. Snow White

Well if that quote is true, on Monday I would've been singing a few songs. Whew...

So this is a follow up with the incident with Rory at Epcot. I didn't mean to scare anyone (sorry Celine; I got your message!) Obviously I hoped you all knew if I was still sending blogs, Rory was OK. So note to grandparents, Rory is fine, all grandkids are fine...Mickey Mouse sends his love too.

On Monday we went to Animal Kingdom, followed by us gals attending a pre-arranged "princess" lunch & story book telling session at Epcot. Overall it was fabulous despite the incident. I will get into the details of the actual luncheon later on for those that want to ever attend this event with their kids down the road. It is a really cute experience to have all the princesses to yourself in a lovely dining room.

So Rory was seated next to me, and I was next to Linda and Jadie, Lara and Ava across the table from us. We were seated in a corner, an ideal table in the "castle". Linda & I were chatting and all of a sudden at one point, Rory started to pound on my arm and YELL, MOM, MOM MOM...

I was so taken by surprise because I knew she was excited over the princess lunch but I knew this was something else; I just knew it wasn't good.

I turned to look at her, and her eyes are as big as saucers, watering and she's starting to turn very red. All she got out was, "I'M CHOKING". OMG. She had taken a sip of her water, and accidentally a large ice cube lodged in her throat. As I'm trying to get up, she leaned over & vomited out the ice cube under the table. It all happened so fast, but probably not so fast to the person that is choking.

I don't know how to explain the feeling of seeing this happen, and I knew that I had to do the Heimlich maneuver on her (never did it before in my life) but understood the concept of putting my fist thumb side in, just above her navel and grabbing the fist with the other hand pulling the fist upward to increase airway pressure. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. You never want to witness someone choking, but your child?

Once she collected herself, I had to really contain myself, but I was pretty shook up. Sheesh I'm tearing up just writing about it. How do you paste a happy face on after that when princesses are swirling around? Well hey you are in Disney World so suck it up princess (talking about me). Rory was a real trooper but I know she was flustered by it all. As for me? Well I needed an extra swig of Princess juice under the table. I looked like Cruella de Vil when I got out of there. I think Rory was more worried about me by that point.

Two things have always stuck with me about choking. Ironically the first happened to me when I was 12 and on the phone with my cousin Stella. As I was talking I was chewing ice (and all of you that know me well know I love my ice) and yep same thing happened. And at the time it occured to me, surely to god I won't choke on ice; won't it melt first? My throat was sore for days after. The second was when babysitting my niece as a toddler, she choked on a piece of bacon. Luckily due to a quick thinking friend, she was fine but I remember then too, feeling so darn helpless. Rory's throat is still very sore and well, she's avoiding ice big time.

So moving on on another note, here's a mix of pics that never made it to the blog, in no particular order. We're having problems uploading pics.

In between all these little blips, well let's just say we are making hay around these parts with visiting 2 parks a day!Will fill you in on Animal Kingdom. Nobody choked; everyone was happy & the Robusky/Leung family had a rip-roaring good time.

And if you can; do me a favor. If your kid goes to school with Rory please don't tell your kids the the story. I think she'd be terribly embarrassed (don't we all know how word gets around a school?) Thank you in advance. (and if Rory comes home and tells me your kid mentioned it there might be further choking...not your kids, but maybe you 😊 OK just kidding.

PS Lara is on a mission to conquer every area of the 4 parks. Next up is Disney Land in California because she wants to see how they differ. Uncle may have a guest one a few years 😊

PSS is it really a week till Christmas? Holy cr@p batman.

Off to more fireworks. Whatcha you doing tonight? (PS lots of pics below. And I have no spell check, grammar check, coat check...😊

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19th December 2013

Thank goodness Rory is ok
Amazing how quickly things can happen. Poor Rory. I am relieved she is ok. It is very upsetting to see someone choke. I had a freak accident in the classroom the other day and managed to paper cut my eyeball! Ouch, it hurt and I ended up going off to the eye doctor and sure enough I had an actual cut in my eyeball. I am fine. Thank goodness Rory is ok too.
19th December 2013

Thank goodness...
Wow Caroline, a cut on the eye? That's got to be quite painful...happy holidays you one eyed pirate!
19th December 2013
Barbershop Quartet

When I read that and for a moment there was a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, almost like when I got the news about Billy. But at the same time I knew if something happened I would have been the first to know. I told myself nothing serious happened so calm down. A good lesion learned, small teenie weanie cubes. All is well nice and mild this AM a great day to come home Can't wait to talk to you. Safe trip home and hugs to all. XOXOXOXOXO
19th December 2013
Barbershop Quartet

Yes Mom it was frightening; it will be hard not to think of the incident every time I think of Disney. We've had a wonderful trip. Will talk to you Friday when we're back. xo

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