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December 13th 2013
Published: December 14th 2013
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"As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen". Winnie the Pooh

After only a few hours of sleep I roused the group early to get up and at 'em. We had breakfast & coffee in our condo, packed a great lunch/drinks in our cooler (which we stored in a locker) and headed down the magical highway to Magic Kingdom. (I'd rather have a nice homemade lunch than spend $100 on hot dogs & fries).

Excellent drive there, no traffic, got a close parking spot, and then looked around eerily over my shoulder thinking to myself, "What is wrong with this picture"? It seemed way too easy & way too good to be true to get here without any issue at all. It was the beginning of a fabulicious day!

We hopped the tram and entered the Magic Kingdom & of course as expected, we were all completely entranced by it all. Those "imagineers" sure put their heart & soul into their work as our eyes darted around to take it all in. No matter your age, Magic Kingdom appeals to the little kid in you. You feel as though you've just been transported into a Disney movie!

The first thing you notice is the Christmas decorations and huge Christmas tree in Main Street USA along with this beautiful soft Christmas music that is playing that almost lulls you into a laid-back holiday stupor, despite the dizzying array of attractions, stores, rides, food etc. Spectacular, amazing, mind blowing beautiful decorated streets with Barbershop Quartets singing Christmas carols, and whiffs of cinnamon & sugar filling the air. Welcome to the Holidays at Disney World.

We lined up for a visit with Minnie Mouse in front of the big Christmas tree, and then due to being there early, and crowds being so reasonable today, we were shocked to get on Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and then Splash Mountain all before 12:30 PM! We were on a roll (literally!)

OMG is all I can say about Space Mountain (which I went on). The velocity and high speed journey into the belly of darkness & outer space almost put me through the roof. Dark tubes, flashing lights, stars, twisting turns & unexpected curves & drops...good lord I didn't know if I should wind my butt or scratch my watch by the time it was all over. Literally by the time we got off that ride, I looked like I'd had a face lift; it's like your skin is pulled back off your face, and tears were pouring out of my eyes either from sheer delight or panic (I wasn't sure which feeling I was experiencing but it was probably both!) Ava was in front of me and I was so worried she was scared that it put a damper on my experience but when I found out she actually liked it, I thought it was a much better experience. The kids LOVED that we were on the rides with them and I can understand how fabulous it would be to share that experience with your parents as a kid. And boy did they ever. (I think I left my spleen behind on that particular ride. Wonder how you claim THAT from lost & found?)

Big Thunder Mountain was another experience in Frontierland. Only a 10 minute wait and Ava & I sat together; wow it was another thrilling streak through the air on a ride that mimics a ghost mining town & you're on a "rickety" runaway mine train which was both an exhilarating & jaw clenching experience which would make the most miserable person whoop with sheer joy. Talk about the wildest ride in the west. I don't know what came over me, but I was game for another ride and then we hit Splash Mountain, and despite being somewhat soaked, we all were laughing and shaking our heads when we got off the ride. I look like Don King in the pictures of us; my pony tail flying high in the air! (Don't even try to look good at these parks; the wind, sun, turfing around, walking all day, getting soaked will make you avoid mirrors all day long). Word to the wise...ahem.

We finished our day with the Celebrate a Dream Parade that made both young and old feel pretty invigorated. The floats are amazing; gob-smacking phenomenal works of art that send shivers down your arms. The intricacy & detail of these floats, the dancers, the marching bands really make you truly believe in everything magic & that everything is attainable if you believe. (It makes you forget how sore your feet are, how expensive it is, how far the bathrooms are apart due to keeping it sanitary, the having to deal with crowds and the line ups etc. Although in our case today, the lineups were relatively short (part of the reason I chose to comet this time of year).

Overall as most of you know, it's a place where families can come together & share an experience like few others. The customer service is just beyond compare. It really seems that Disney goes all out to square up with you over the cost of a family visit. It would be truly magical if every family that exists could have even a one time experience here.

We ended our day back at our condo to regroup & the kids enjoyed the water park & pool. Just a little time to decompress. The DJ was spinning tunes to a small crowd, and it was a beautiful start of an evening.

We left for Epcot at 6 PM and I really think I will have no words to describe what we witnessed with the IlluiNATIONS fireworks/light display we saw tonight along with the Holidays Around the World Candlelight Processional hosted by a celebrity and tonight was Dennis Haybert of 24 TV fame (last week Whoopi Goldberg). Brilliant, breathtaking, beyond words. (I actually don't have a superlative that would match it.) Will fill you in on Epcot tomorrow.

We're tired. But it's the satisfied filled to the top tiredness of fun that makes you feel beat from the feet up. We were pretty happy to be home and away from the excitement of it all.

Our Cinderella slippers are parked by the door waiting for us to fill them again in a few short hours and start the crazy madness all over again. I'm not totally over the top crazy about it all; it's like I expected. Absolutely fabulous, mind boggling fun, and full-on non-stop excitement. But what makes it all come together is enjoying it with those you love. Same I guess can be said about anything you do in life.

A few pics posted below to share some of our day. SO many to choose from and didn't want to bore the heck out of you. (Probably used my crappy pics instead of Al's but hey they came from the heart.)


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14th December 2013

Looks like fun!
Hope you're having a fantastic time. Enjoy every minute. Wish I was there.

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